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Pabst Blue Ribbon

  1. beer me
    PBR Will Live On for ‘Many, Many Years’Pabst is back, baby.
  2. beer me
    Can Anyone Save PBR?The beer that conquered Brooklyn is on the brink of extinction.
  3. lawsuits
    Pabst Sued for Saying Some of Its Beer Is Fancier Than It Really IsOlympia Beer supposedly contains “pure mountain water,” but is brewed near an EPA Superfund site.
  4. Marketing Gimmicks
    PBR Won’t Give Up Its Hipster-Beer Crown Without a FightIn an effort to stay relevant, the brand will open a microbrewery in Milwaukee.
  5. Beer Me
    Pabst Will Put Ballantine Pale Ale Back Into ProductionThe beer-maker is hoping it has the next great hipster beer on its hands.
  6. Beer Sale
    Pabst Brewing Company Is Most Likely for SaleThe beer-maker might fetch as much as $1 billion.
  7. Sunday Twinkie Sunday
    Here’s a Look at the Brand-New ‘First Batch’ Twinkies BoxSure to be a collector’s item, maybe, someday.
  8. Twinkie Back
    Those New Twinkies Are Going to Be Healthier, Maybe, EventuallyWhole grains? Stevia? Seriously?
  9. Twinkie Back
    Twinkies Make Triumphant Return to Stores July 15It’s once again time to load up the imitation-cream filling in the hydraulic spray nozzles!
  10. Beer Me
    Pabst Selling Deeply Patriotic Commemorative US Army WWII Beer, But in China“Yes we can!”
  11. Twinkie Back
    Should the Newly Revived Hostess Brand Go the Way of the Cronut?“You’ve got to run and test product and train (workers) and all of that stuff.”
  12. Twinkie Back
    Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and HoHos Spared by Maker of Pabst Blue Ribbon [Update:And the soon-to-be owner says everything will be back on shelves by this summer.
  13. Twinkie Back
    Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Really Maybe Buying TwinkiesAs long as they’re packaged in bundles together.
  14. Freebies
    Free PBR at Silk City TonightToday marks the third anniversary of the bar and lounge’s rebirth.
  15. Deals
    Tonight: Tap Into the Best of the Best; Eat Kobe Hot Dogs While Watching theBowling, Bistro Bites and more are in order for this gloomy evening.
  16. Brews News
    PBR Goes for $250 MillionFood investor C. Dean Metropoulos gets the prized beer company.