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    David Bouley to Start Counting CaloriesDavid Bouley earned his four stars cooking fattening French cuisine for the overclass. But now that that same set is obsessed with health, he’s teaming up with celebrity nutritionist Oz Garcia (who has revised the diets of Hilary Swank, Donna Karan, and Russell Simmons, but has never been in the restaurant business). “David first came to me because he wanted to learn about my approach to health and nutrution,” says Garcia. Now the pair is planning to open health-oriented restaurants around the world; the first one is set to debut this winter at the St. Regis in Anguilla. Bouley has a “bio-yogurt” pro-biotic sauce formerly found only in health-food stores, as well as a detox drink from rice protein, pomegranate juice, and gogi berries. Even olive oil is not acceptable—it is being subbed for by wheat-germ oil. — Beth Landman