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Over Fishing

  1. overfishing
    Fishing Commissions Agree to Plan to Restore Bluefin-Tuna PopulationsIts population has fallen 76 percent from historic levels.
  2. seafood
    Here’s a Bluefin Tuna That Just Sold for $632,000$1,356 per pound of endangered seafood.
  3. overfishing
    A New Warning Says We Could Run Out of Fish by 2048If something doesn’t change.
  4. Shortages
    The Ocean Contains Half the Fish It Had 50 Years AgoBad news for tuna lovers.
  5. Fried Fish
    Dwindling Cod Supply Casts Doubt on the Future of Fish and ChipsNext thing you know, scientists will be calling for tartar-sauce control.
  6. End of the Line
    There’s Never Been a Worse Time to Be a Bluefin TunaSomeone caught a very big fish off the coast of Japan.
  7. Food TV
    ‘Fin’-ished: Food Network Eighty-Sixes Its Shark RecipesThe network has pulled all recipes from its website that contain shark and has vowed to no longer feature the underwater predator as food in any upcoming programming.
  8. Mediavore
    Death and Robbery Won’t Stop Jim’s Steaks; Scientists Explain BrainPlus: Five, possibly six, of the eight species of tuna are at the risk of extinction; and Sinatra liked his Jack Daniels, all in our morning news roundup.
  9. Endangered
    Are Your Fish Oil Pills Destroying the Food Chain?Fish oil supplements may be just as unsustainable a source of Omega-3’s as wild fish.