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  1. Neighborhood Watch
    Outerlands Scores a New Pastry Chef; Cindy Pawlcyn’s New Monterey AquariumAlso, there’s a benefit dinner at KronnerBurger on May 13.
  2. Ch-ch-ch-changes
    Outerlands Begins Taking ReservationsThey took Bauer’s criticism to heart.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    What Won’t People Do to Get In to Outerlands?; Previewing The Company Bar &
  4. Mikey Likes It
    Michael Bauer Adores Outerlands, Dings Them for the WaitHe gives them two and a half stars, but it should have been at least three.
  5. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Bauer Is Not On Board With the No-Reservations Generation, But He May Need to BeThe trend toward wait lists at smaller, popular restaurants may not please the Bauers of the world, but it hardly matters if the crowds are already there.
  6. The Other Critics
    Kauffman Says Roku Does Right By the Izakaya Name; Outerlands Gets a Fresh RaveKauffman likes that devil tofu.
  7. Food Is the New Rock
    See Tartine’s Chad Robertson and Outerlands’ Dave Muller Pose forThe clothier has enlisted some of their favorite San Franciscans as models.
  8. Video Feed
    Video: Vice Parties in the East Bay With Brandon Jew and Brett EmersonAlso, they get really drunk and then start cooking at Bar Agricole sometime after midnight.
  9. Other Magazines
    Gang of Bay Area Chefs Takes Surfing Trip to Mexico, Tells Bon AppChad Robertson tells the tale.
  10. Lists
    Sons & Daughters Chefs, El Paseo’s Preston Clark AmongAnthony Strong of Locanda, Chez TJ’s Joey Elenterio, and Outerlands’ Brett Cooper also get nods.
  11. Ch-ch-ch-changes
    Outerlands to Get Bigger This SummerThe restaurant is taking over a next-door space and doubling in size.
  12. Actually Pretty Awesome
    Actually Pretty Awesome: The Cocktails at OuterlandsIt’s a short list that varies week to week, and you’ll likely find yourself sipping from it while you wait for one of the few tables in this tiny, buzz-worthy Outer Sunset restaurant.
  13. The Food Chain
    Diner’s Sean Rembold Is Wowed by the Savory Dutch Pancake at Outerlands inIt’s an eggy puffed pancake, served at brunch, studded with bacon and topped with maple syrup and ricotta.
  14. Mediavore
    Times Calls Outer Sunset ‘Bleak’; Chicago’s Charles
  15. Slideshow
    Explore the Season’s Hottest SoupsCheck out ten new bowls to warm you this winter.
  16. The Other Critics
    Lake Chalet All Looks; Outerlands a Beacon
  17. The Other Critics
    Cafe La Haye Keeps Three Stars; Outerlands Worth the Trek