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Outer Space

  1. chef shuffles
    Unpacking the Drama at Outerspace in BrooklynWhy the industry has offered its full support to chefs who left the project last week.
  2. the chain gang
    KFC Is Sending a Chicken Sandwich Into SpaceIt will be up there for “at least four days.”
  3. news you can booze
    A Team of College Students Is One Step Away From Brewing Beer on the MoonThe UC San Diego group is battling 24 other teams to get aboard a Google-funded spacecraft.
  4. news you can booze
    China Will Save Wine From Climate Change by Blasting It Into SpaceScientists hope “space radiation” makes the grapes more resilient.
  5. Stellar
    Japanese Distillery Will Blast Some Whiskey Into Space Because Why Not?Suntory thinks aging in a “microgravity environment” will prevent flavors from mellowing.