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    French Chef All-Stars Plan to Retaliate Against ‘Anglo-Saxon’The first order of business is inviting Steven Spielberg to dinner, for some reason.
  2. Oui Chef
    Alain Ducasse Will Go Mostly Meatless at His Paris RestaurantThe €380 menu is “a new expression of contemporary French haute cuisine.”
  3. Oui Chef
    Alain Ducasse Says French-Food Defenders Must Be ‘Very Vigilant’Just say non to fast-food hamburgers.
  4. Oui Chef
    Alain Ducasse Launching Paywalled Food WebsiteThe chef will school you now.
  5. Openings,
    Andrew Carmellini and Damon Wise Are Now Hiring at LafayetteNow turn those potatoes!
  6. Quote of the Day
    Harold Dieterle Vouches for City’s Best Pizza, Burger, and BagelBleecker Street Pizza fan.
  7. Oui Chef
    What It’s Like to Date a Chef (Because You Know You Want To)Actually, it doesn’t sound that great!
  8. Oui Chef
    New Chef at L’Atelier de Joël RobuchonThe Four Seasons says bonjour.