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  1. Celebrity Settings
    Elizabeth Olsen Visits Pastis; Sly and Arnold Rip Through a Magnum of Cabernet aPlus: The last action heroes eat crab cakes, Tao Downtown continues to draw them in, and more, in this week’s roundup.
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Florence Henderson Eats at Cafe Del Rey; Orlando Bloom Does O BurgerMeanwhile, Keifer Sutherland finds an entire restaurant chanting “Jack Bauer” at him.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Gordon Ramsay Spotted at Starbucks; Billy Dee Williams Does Bristol FarmsThe mad chef was picking his teeth with his tongue. Gross!
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Stevie Wonder Finds a Place in the Sun at Gladstone’s; Katherine Heigl EatsAnd in other not-so-surprising news, underage Miley Cyrus appears to have gotten plastered again.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Sly Stallone Stalked at Cafe Roma; Oliver Martinez Loses His Marbles atWhen will these stars learn that eating at home can save them a whole heap of trouble?
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Fox Stars Rock Villa Sorriso; Mark Walhberg Blocks Orlando Bloom at MadeoA celebrity confrontation is avoided amiably despite tricky parking at a Beverly Hills restaurant.
  7. Mediavore
    Restaurants Deafening Diners; Orlando Bloom Takes it Off
  8. Mediavore
    Orlando Bloom Sheds Soaked Clothes in Vegas; Sun-Maid Raisin Girl Gets APeople are angry over the Sun Maid Raisin girl’s new look and California recycling programs are threatened by money worries.
  9. Mediavore
    Supermarket Child Labor; Kraft Posts Cadbury BidPlus: a kid’s prizewinning burger, and the extended Illinois corn season, all in our morning news roundup.
  10. Mediavore
    Not Guilty Plea in Chef Killing; Orlando Bloom’s Stripping Stunt
  11. NewsFeed
    Beatrice Continues to Be Make-Out CentralMiranda Kerr is the latest to “Bea seen” making out with someone other than her boyfriend.
  12. NewsFeed
    Victoria’s Secret Model Loves Chocolate by the Bald ManOur sister blog, the Cut, is up in arms today because Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr had the audacity to be spotted with Orlando Bloom at Max Brenner, rather than at a restaurant that has the fashion-industry stamp of approval. We’re not sure why a Vicky’s Secret model is expected to have good taste — I mean, these are the girls who date Axl Rose…still. Why in God’s Name Would a Model Go to Max Brenner? [The Cut]