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  1. The Best Pizza in Staten Island Will Make You Forget You’re in Staten Island▶️ It’s worth the trek … we promise.
  2. NYC’s Best Steakhouse Is So Good, You’ll Forget You’re Overlooking Central Park▶️ A cut above the rest.
  3. NYC’s Absolute Best Guacamole Is Hidden Under a Gigantic Chip▶️ Peekaboo.
  4. This Is How the Best Cake in New York Is Made▶️ The best sugar high you can find.
  5. This Hideaway Is New York’s Best Tea Escape▶️ Let’s keep this one our little secret.
  6. See How New York’s Best Pastrami Is Made▶️ It’s also the same restaurant where that famous scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed …
  7. What NYC’s Best Ice-Cream Shop Does With Its Creations Should Be Illegal▶️ For all the right reasons.
  8. Watch Mario Batali Throw a Tapas Party for 20All of the dishes looked delicious.
  9. Watch the Best Negroni in New York Made in Elegant Slow Motion▶️ And it’s actually served on tap.
  10. How Many of These Advanced Food Words Can You Pronounce?▶️ Test yourself.
  11. A Thirst-Inducing Look at What Goes Into the Best Mai Tai in New York▶️ “This is a mai tai where all the attributes are cranked as hard as they can go …”
  12. Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermanos Is Coming to Life in New York City▶️ We’re assured these will be crime-free establishments.
  13. There’s A Cotton-Candy-Pizza Hybrid — And It’s Actually Pretty Popular▶️ Too good to be true?
  14. The Best Delivery in All of New York Comes From This 4-Person Sushi Booth▶️ And they only have one order …
  15. Instagram’s Latest Food Trend Is Fishy and MesmerizingVIDEO: Of course, this has nothing to do with the actual flavor …
  16. Let a Marketing Expert Explain the Enchanting Science Behind Red CandyVIDEO: Color makes you do stuff.
  17. Watch This Pastry Chef Create Towering, Whimsical CakesSo much dripping chocolate.
  18. This Video Introduces You to the Outrageous Doughnut Grilled CheeseA monstrosity.
  19. WATCH: The Only Chicken Parm Recipe You’ll Ever Want to MakeSo good.
  20. WATCH: The Only Homemade Nutella Recipe You’ll Ever NeedSkip the grocery store.
  21. WATCH: Mark Bittman’s Be-All, End-All Banana-Bread RecipeThis will be the best banana bread you’ve ever had.
  22. WATCH: How to Make New York’s Most Famous Chocolate Chip CookiesYou’re welcome.
  23. WATCH: Roasted Pineapple With Pistachio Ice CreamWe’re already ready for seconds.
  24. WATCH: The Secret to Making a Perfect Gin and TonicIs it five o’clock yet?
  25. WATCH: This Australian Shop Is Turning Gelato Into Delicious ArtToo good to eat?
  26. How to Make Fettunta (a.k.a. Fancy Garlic Bread)Guaranteed to make your guests exclaim, “Wow! This is some fancy garlic bread.”
  27. WATCH: This Gold-Plated $18,000 Machine Just Makes CoffeeThat’s worth about 18,000 cups of coffee from the street corner.
  28. WATCH: There’s a Restaurant in London That Only Serves Potato ChipsCinnamon-sugar potato chips?
  29. ‘Salt Bae’ Is Bringing His Sexiness to New British and American SteakhousesHis sexy seasoning caught the world’s attention, and so will his restaurant chain.
  30. This Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Pizza Is Burning Up the InternetDangerously cheesy.
  31. Watch: This Kitchen Gadget Is Basically an Alcohol JuicerAnd it’s controlled via smartphone.
  32. Watch: You’re Guaranteed to Make the Best Waffles With Mark Bittman’s RecipeThey’re a major step up from their “just add water” counterparts.
  33. Watch: How to Make Mark Bittman’s Signature ‘Chicken Marknuggets’You can use this recipe for other meats, too.
  34. Watch: This Pastry Chef Creates Miniature Sculptures With ChocolateAnd it’s rather satisfying to watch.
  35. Dominique Ansel Turned Churros Into an Impossible Interlocking PuzzleBehold, the collision of food and art.
  36. Watch: These Wine Bottles Have Stories Attached So You Can Read As You DrinkWine and literature pair together quite well.
  37. You Can Now Keep Your Wine Fresh and Safe With Wine CondomsVIDEO: Because nobody likes stale wine.
  38. Watch: This Robotic Spoon Could Help People With Limited Mobility Hold a UtensilLiftware hopes to help make eating easier and more enjoyable for those affected by mobility illnesses.
  39. Watch: An Authentic Salvador Dalí Surrealist Cookbook You Can Buy Right nowBorn from his own trippy dinner table.
  40. This New Device Is Basically a Hot-Glue Gun for CheeseIt’s about time someone figured out how we can make nachos easily at home.
  41. This Pastry Chef Turns His Desserts Into Miniature ScenesVIDEO: Too good to eat?
  42. You May Never Have to Worry About a Dirty Whisk AgainBecause cleaning them is just awful.
  43. This Device ‘Sniffs’ Your Food So You Don’t Get SickEat your week-old produce with confidence.
  44. A Coffee Expert Gets Real About Why You Should Ditch Your KeurigThose little K-Cups make a lot of waste.
  45. How a Great Cup of Coffee Should Taste, and Why It’s Worth Paying More ForIt’s not quite as obvious as it sounds.
  46. These Deliciously Avant-garde Desserts Are More Than What They SeemIt doesn’t look like food until you dig in.
  47. This Woman Bakes Your Favorite Pop-Culture References Into PiesPrince pie, Pikachu pie, and even Predator pie.
  48. This Toaster Toasts Nothing But TortillasTacos, anyone?
  49. It Looks Like a Unicorn Exploded Inside This Pastel-Colored, Unicorn-Themed CaféThere’s even pastel pasta.
  50. This Artist Is the Wolfgang Puck of Miniature FoodAnd, yes, it’s all edible.
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