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Original Soupman

  1. Closings
    No More Soup for You!: Soup Nazi Closes Fisherman’s Wharf LocationThey bow out after exactly a year.
  2. Shilling
    Jason Alexander: Plenty of Soup for YouThe onetime souper non grata is shilling for the Soup Nazi.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Sons of Essex Rolls Out Brunch; City Grit Taps David Santos for DinnerPlus: Sweetleaf Cafe plans a Williamsburg outpost, two-for-$2 pizza at Forcella, and more neighborhood news.
  4. Outrages
    Original SoupMan’s Lukewarm Reception in S.F. Isn’t Doing NYC AnyThe Soup Nazi–inspiring chain isn’t just bad, it’s downright friendly.
  5. The Other Critics
    Kauffman Neither Thrilled Nor Scared By Original SoupMan
  6. Openings
    Original SoupMan, From the Real-Life Soup Nazi, Opens Today on the WharfDon’t ask too many questions.
  7. Previews
    The Soup Nazi Cometh… to Fisherman’s WharfOriginal SoupMan, the chain owned by the man who inspired the Soup Nazi, is set to open in late May.
  8. Marketing Gimmicks
    Reggie Jackson and George Steinbrenner, United in SoupMr. October will be on hand at tomorrow’s reopening of the original Original SoupMan location.
  9. Openings
    Soup Nazi Reinstates the RulesThe “Soup Man” will reopen his original location this month.
  10. Personalities
    Soup Nazi Gets Back to Where He Once BelongedThe inspiration for the ‘Seinfeld’ character will be cooking in midtown again.
  11. Neighborhood Watch
    Varietal’s Kitchen Closes in ChelseaBronx: Italian pastry shop Egidio has a history steeped in family feuds, politics, and adultery; now a cannoli-wielding former owner has opened up shop nearby. [Lost City] Chelsea: Varietal has closed its dining room, though wine’s still being served at the bar. [Restaurant Girl] Great Small Works performing-arts group will host a Spaghetti Dinner this Sunday evening on the roof of the 14th Street Y. Besides bowls of garlicky pasta, ticket holders can look forward to “puppet theater [and] New Orleans brass band music.” [Blog Chelsea] Greenpoint: The Original Soup Man (a.k.a. the Soup Nazi) joins other chains on Manhattan Avenue and shocks customers by charging $9 for some selections. [Gothamist] Hell’s Kitchen: Alex Garcia’s new restaurant, Gaucho Steak Co., at 752 Tenth Avenue, is now open for lunch and offering delivery. [Grub Street] Soho: Savoy’s Clambake Dinners start July 6 and run through the end of the month. [Restaurant Girl]
  12. Foodievents
    Soup Nazi to Boil Over at Appearance? Al Yeganeh, Seinfeld’s celebrated “Soup Nazi,” has recently been making a blizzard of public appearances promoting his Original SoupMan restaurant chain. (Yeganeh , who is Jewish, despises the “soup Nazi tag” and refuses to even mention or address it. His site simply refers to the show inspired by him as the “Soup episode.”) Given the chef’s famous testiness, his 5 p.m. appearance at f.y.e. might be worth witnessing. The ads tout the chance to “meet ‘the soup Nazi’ in person” and “have him sign your copy of Seinfeld Season 7.” Is there any way to take odds on how many times Yeganeh gets called a Nazi or is asked to say “No soup for you!” before he blows his top? We would put the over-under at two and a half. Meet the Soup Nazi, f.y.e., 1290 Sixth Ave., at 52nd St., 5 p.m.