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  1. iPhone Apps
    OpenTable to GoBook a table from here, there, and everywhere.
  2. Lists
    Capital Grille: Chicago’s Best American Restaurant?OpenTable’s survey of the top American food restaurants reveal some interesting choices.
  3. Foodienomics
    Where to Eat After Your IPOThe OpenTable group parties at Blue Smoke after their IPO.
  4. Mediavore
    Hotel Griffou Coming Soon; Kogi Truck Makes a CameoPlus: Momofuku Milk Bar gets trademark-happy, and the rise of economy beers, all in our morning news roundup.
  5. Mediavore
    Kogi in New York; Obama Fried Chicken Undeterred by ProtestorsPlus: The Greene Grape wins awards, and more, all in our morning news roundup.
  6. Fun With Numbers
    Google Insight Blows Our Mind, Shows Shift From the Buddakans to the MomofukusA look at the most popular restaurant searches of the past four years.
  7. Mediavore
    Bartending-School Enrollment Rises; OpenTable on Your iPhonePlus: Fast food gets frugal, and fro-yo on Bedford, all in our morning news roundup.
  8. NewsFeed
    Patrick Bateman Would Love Zagat’s New Mobile ReservationsIf only the restaurant-obsessed serial killer had had this at his fingertips!
  9. NewsFeed
    Hundred Acres Opens Thursday; Tables AplentyAs of this posting, the night is wide-open, including that coveted two-for-eight slot.
  10. NewsFeed
    OpenTable Attempts to Eliminate ShillingThe site’s new Diners’ Choice lists incorporate ratings only from people who actually made a resy and showed up.
  11. Mediavore
    NYC’s Top-Rated Cupcake; Zeta-Jones Doesn’t Care About CookingSugar Sweet Sunshine comes out on top of Zagat’s new survey of the city’s top cupcakes. [NYP] No Reservations had a $10,000-a-week food budget and in Catherine Zeta-Jones a star with zero interest in cooking: “I mean, if I was playing a brain surgeon, could I actually do brain surgery?” [Entertainment Weekly] There are now the same number of Dallas cooks as New Yorkers on Top Chef. [Dallas Morning News] Related: ‘Top Chef’ Non-Winner Lia on What Went Wrong
  12. Mediavore
    Restaurants Sue to Keep Calorie Info Out of Sight; Online Reservations DominateThe New York State Restaurant Association sues the city to stop having to reveal calorie information. [Nation’s Restaurant News] The days of making, and keeping, reservations off-line are over: OpenTable has come to dominate the restaurant business. [NYT] In a Times op-ed, the Zagats plead for real regional Chinese cooking to come and save us from egg foo yong. It would be a revelation, they say — “Imagine … what it would be like to discover for the first time Memphis-style barbecue, New York deli food, soul food and Creole, Tex-Mex, Southwestern, California and Hawaiian cuisines all at once.” [NYT]
  13. Back of the House
    Reservation: Impossible?If the advent of reservation scalpers like PrimeTime Tables and Weekend Epicure didn’t prove that good reservations are more in demand than ever, an article in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal pretty much makes an open-and-shut case. They used OpenTable, a free online reservation service, to try to get spots at the top 40 restaurants in the world, and often struck out; after 3,000 tries — calling every half-hour for six weeks straight — they still couldn’t score a 7 p.m. table at Del Posto. They do report some small triumphs: A San Francisco software engineer figured out how to get a reservation at the French Laundry by reloading an OpenTable page at exactly 11:59:55 a month in advance. And in fact, the free service is probably your best bet, despite the many strikeouts. Still, we prefer to simply call the same afternoon. How to Get the Ungettable Table [WSJ] Related: The Death of Paid Reservations?