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Old Town Bar

  1. Closings
    Cedar Tavern’s Grave Site Is Still UntouchedThe condo and retail space that replaced Cedar Tavern haven’t had much luck.
  2. Rants
    Old Town Weighs In on the Whole Palin-Letterman ThingThe bar is just as charming as ever!
  3. NewsFeed
    Celebrate the Folly and Defeat of Sobriety With Drink Specials When you stop to think about it, the fact that drinking was once illegal in America beggars the mind. Americans! Unable to drink in their own homes! It’s as if Frenchmen were barred from butter or Germans denied meat. Well, that evil period came to an end on December 5, 1933, a fact honored by the informal holiday of Repeal Day, which is being celebrated all over town tomorrow. The good people at Dewars hired actors to dress up in faux old-timey outfits (think tweeds and red carnations) and cheer Repeal Day with signs and slogans to confused tourists in Soho. But we encourage you to demonstrate your commitment to commerce and liberty by drinking for less at several local bars. Be sure to raise a glass to FDR. Somewhere, he’s toasting you back.
  4. NewsFeed
    Old Town Bar Taunts Younger CompetitionCedar Tavern is closed while a condo is built on top of it, Chumley’s is closed while it tries to rebuild itself, and though these two will someday reopen, this sign on the window indicates that Old Town is enjoying watching its old-timey competition dwindle. We saw it on our way to Pete’s!
  5. Restroom Report
    Fun in P.J. Clarke’s BathroomSome things are sacred, and old-fashioned urinals are one of them. Unfortunately, outside of ones that are imported from France, the pickings are slim: You have the ones at Old Town Bar, McSorley’s, and Foley’s (the latter were lifted from the Waldorf-Astoria), but are you really going to eat at those places? When we want a nibble and a dribble, we go for a burger at one of Nat King Cole’s favorite spots, P.J. Clarke’s.