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  1. original video
    New York’s Best Bar Food Will Satisfy Every Drunk CravingBecause cocktails are better with snacks.
  2. The Chain Gang
    This Fried-Chicken Okonomiyaki Is the Kind of Fast Food America NeedsToo bad the bonito-topped drumsticks are only available in Hong Kong.
  3. Trendlet
    8 Great New Versions of OkonomiyakiThe savory Japanese cabbage pancake has been compared to pizza, latkes, and omelettes.
  4. Truckin’
    That Okonomiyaki Truck Launches Next WeekSee the menu!
  5. Bonito In New York
    It’s Okonomiyaki Time!New York needs more okonomiyaki.
  6. Now Open
    Gottsui Brings Okonomiyaki to Sawtelle, Debuts TomorrowA new okonomiyaki spot opens on Sawtelle. Alert the Raku fans.
  7. Coming Soon
    Gottsui Bringing Okonomiyaki to SawtelleThe forthcoming shop is likely an import from the Japanese chain of the same name.
  8. The Other Critics
    Gold Meets The Noodle Guy; Merrill Shindler Chooses Chun ChonThe L.A. Weekly critic also takes a first bite at Ray’s and declares Morningstar the current market menu master.