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  1. The Food Chain
    Oishii Chef Ting Yen Keeps Coming Back for the Abalone Shumai at South SeaWhen visiting his sister, Boston chef Ting San always hits up this high-end dim sum spot in San Francisco’s Sunset district.
  2. The Food Chain
    Tom Colicchio Loves Oishii’s Sakura-Smoked HamachiTing San explains the paternal inspiration behind his “very cool” smoked fish.
  3. Board at Work
    28 Degrees Improves; Where to Get Boston’s Best SushiPlus: the glory of New Bridge Cafe, and remembering Brigham’s lime rickeys, all in our weekly message board roundup.
  4. Board at Work
    The State of Boston Thai; Turkey Hash at Mike’sPlus: where to watch the game, and odd charges at Oishii, all in our weekly message board roundup.