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Oh Snap

  1. Oh Snap!
    French Chefs Urge Diners to Put Away the Cameras and Eat“They used to come and take pictures of themselves and their family, their grandmother, whoever, as a souvenir.”
  2. Loss Leaders
    Congressman Says Low-Income Kids Should ‘Sweep Cafeteria Floors’ inGreat, let’s put in an order for a million tiny brooms.
  3. Oh Snap!
    Looking at Photos of Food Online Can Make Eating Less PleasurableResearchers say that over-exposure to food imagery increases satiation.
  4. Oh Snap!
    Psychiatrist Says People Who Post Pictures of Meals Online May Have MedicalTell me about your dinner.
  5. Oh Snap!
    OpenTable Will Buy Foodspotting for $10 MillionMore food photos in restaurants? We shutter to think.
  6. Oh Snap!
    Everyone: Taking Food Pictures in Restaurants Is Not That ComplicatedShutter to think.
  7. Oh Snap!
    Give Philly Photo Day Something to Chew OnYou have until midnight tonight to take a picture.
  8. Oh Snap!
    Has America Become a ‘Food Stamp Nation’?More people than ever before are using the program — and it’s putting a huge financial strain on the country.
  9. Food Politics
    Gingrich Called Obama ‘The Most Successful Food Stamp President inHe’s illustrating the point that Democrats are killing jobs, you see.
  10. Oh Snap!
    Shutter: Let’s Talk About Taking Pictures in RestaurantsPhoebe Damrosch lays some ground rules for the latest restaurant-dining irritant.
  11. Food Politics
    Will More People Use Food Stamps If We Call Them Something Else?Where are Tom Haverford’s renaming skills when you need them?