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Obika (nyc)

  1. The Other Critics
    Bruni Loves Ssäm Bar Even More; BarBao Reimagines VietnamesePlus: Danyelle Freeman on Rouge Tomate, Alan Richman on A Voce, and more in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  2. Ask a Waiter
    Obiká’s Taisha Cotto Speed Serves Fists of Mozzarella in Midtown’When you cut the mozzarella, it should release a milky serum, which is a sign of freshness.’
  3. In the Magazine
    Details on Café Select, Double Crown, and Five Leaves; La Superior HasPlus, the city’s best BLTs and Gael’s favorite paella in recent memory.
  4. Mediavore
    Bloomie: Preserve the Precious Freon!; Julia Child, SpyHuman Blockhead beer, latte art, and Julia Child’s secret life, in our daily news roundup.
  5. Openings
    Midtown Pop Burger Unveils Its Poppin’ Façade The recently unveiled exterior of the soon-to-open midtown Pop Burger takes the prize. Looks good now, but wait till the backlighting! Clearly bubble wrap was the inspiration here, making it a real possibility that someone in the upstairs billiards lounge could try to pop one of those windows with a pool cue. Also slated to hit midtown in December and still in hiding in the IBM building: the first U.S. outpost of Roman mozzarella bar Obika.