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  1. Menu Changes
    Renowned Brooklyn Pizzeria Adds 3 Percent Obamacare Surcharge to All ChecksAt Franny’s menu prices will also rise to pay cooks higher wages.
  2. News
    More Than a Dozen California Restaurants Have Instituted MandatoryExplaining why is an “uphill battle.”
  3. Quote Of The Day
    Carl’s Jr. CEO’s Problems Will Be Solved With iPadsAlso, more outlets in Siberia.
  4. Sorry Wrong Number
    Callers to Obamacare Help Centers Get Cupcake Shop InsteadFresh out of health-care plans. But we do have some lovely red velvet.
  5. Beef
    Carl’s Jr. CEO Andrew Puzder Is Very Anti-Obamacare [Updated]“If you increase the cost of something, businesses will use less of it. If you decrease the cost, they will use more of it.”
  6. Racist Ribs
    Arkansas Restaurant Posts Racist Sign Calling Affordable Care ActThe owner of Smokin’ Joe’s Ribhouse is in hot water.
  7. No More Jell-O
    Hospital Food Tastes Better, Thanks to ObamacareIs this the end of Jell-O?
  8. The Chain Gang
    Obamacare Isn’t Forcing Restaurants to Cut Employees’ HoursBut it is a convenient excuse.
  9. Industry
    Maybe Obamacare Isn’t So Bad for Restaurants After AllTax credits for health insurance give restaurateurs the ability to assemble healthy and loyal employees poised to help grow the business.
  10. Industry
    The Restaurant Industry Is Not Psyched About ObamacareInsurance in the weeds.