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  1. lawsuits
    Shake Shack Manager Sues Cops Who Said His Store ‘Poisoned’ Their MilkshakesAccording to his defamation lawsuit, he was held for several hours after a hospital found the officers had not ingested any toxins.
  2. street vendors
    The NYPD Is Still Ticketing Street Vendors After AllThe mayor’s June promises have yet to be fulfilled.
  3. street vendors
    NYPD Will No Longer Be Involved in Street Vendor Enforcement“Moving vendor enforcement away from NYPD is a welcomed decision, but we await further details of the replacement plan.”
  4. boycotts
    Dunkin’ Donuts Blames Store Layout for Treatment That Led to NYPD BoycottTwo officers said they were denied service, but now Dunkin’ HQ claims they ordered from the wrong spot.
  5. Lawsuits
    Cherry Mogul’s Family Sues NYPD for Pot RaidIn a $50 million lawsuit, they accuse the NYPD of illegally “bum-rushing” the factory.
  6. Lawsuits
    Bodega Association Claims NYPD Is Illegally Targeting Immigrant-Owned DelisIt argues police are harassing owners with violations as a way to surveil them.
  7. Lawsuits
    169 Bar Fights Back Against Underage-Drinking ClaimsThe owner believes that the NYPD used a fake ID.
  8. Crime
    Woman Loses Sight After Bottle Attack at GreenhouseThat place is the worst.
  9. Candy Crush
    City Pays Man $42,500 After Mistaking Peppermints for Crack CocaineThe suspected crack user actually works as a substance-abuse counselor.
  10. Celebrity Bottle Smashing
    Greenhouse and W.i.P. to Close for Ten DaysIt’s the punishment for Chris Brown and Drake’s brawl.
  11. Celebrity Bottle Smashing
    Post Brown-Drake Brawl, NYPD Shuts Down W.i.P. and GreenhouseThugs.
  12. Gross-outs
    Don’t Let the Pink-Slime Police Near This Crime SceneProceed with caution.
  13. Balls
    Ray Kelly Has BallsAn NYPD recipe.
  14. Bodega
    Another Bronx Bodega ShootingIt’s also Bodega Week.
  15. Drunks Kidz
    NYPD Sued for Overblown ‘Sting Operations’ at Bars Serving to MinorsTalk to Los Feliz.
  16. Cigs
    ‘Loosies’ Running Loose AgainCigarette with your toilet paper?
  17. Pot Candy
    Sour Patch WeedPuff, puff, floss.
  18. Classy
    Cop Getz Punched at CanzHope the waitresses played nurse.
  19. NYPD
    Terrible Trouble at Le BainAn arrest has been made.
  20. Health Concerns
    NYPD Busts the Balls of Nutcracker VendorsYour subway ride home is about to get way less enjoyable.
  21. Nightclubbing
    NYPD Explains LES Crackdown: ‘The Community Is Changing’The recent nightlife crackdown is controversial even in cop-friendly circles.
  22. Clubland
    SNAFU at APTThe NYPD has shut down the meatpacking club after drug busts.
  23. Clubland
    Clubs vs. CopsRumor has it that in the next weeks, certain clubs will file multiple, massive corruption lawsuits against the NYPD.
  24. NewsFeed
    Room Service Also Closed by NYPD, Taking Over PM SpacePacha, Marquee, and Splash weren’t the only ones that were shuttered by the NYPD this weekend.