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  1. food labor
    What You Need to Know About This Troubling New Hazelnut ReportYour Nutella comes at the expense of exploited Syrian refugees.
  2. sugar sugar sugar
    Costco Now Sells 7-Pound Tubs of Nutella2019 is already good.
  3. food fights
    France May Ban Food Discounts Following Its Nutella RiotsMore fallout after a grocery chain’s hazelnut-spread sale went awry.
  4. France Descends Into Chaos Over Nutella SalesHazelnut riots hit Paris.
  5. mergers and acquisitions
    Nutella Maker Reportedly Snags Deal to Buy Nestlé’s U.S. Candy BusinessItaly’s Ferrero is set to get Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, and SweeTarts for a cool $2.8 billion.
  6. spreading scandalously
    Nutella Maker Secretly Changed the Spread’s Recipe So It’s More SugaryNew labels also show there’s 16 percent more powdered milk.
  7. pretty sweet
    What You Need to Know About America’s Brand-new Nutella CaféIt’s Ferrero’s first official café, and it opens May 31 in Chicago.
  8. WATCH: The Only Homemade Nutella Recipe You’ll Ever NeedSkip the grocery store.
  9. health concerns
    Nutella Argues Its Spread Is Way Too Perfect to Cause CancerIt’s pushing back against the EU’s claim that palm oil is “potentially carcinogenic.”
  10. regulators
    The Government Wants to Know How Much Nutella You EatFerrero is asking that the spread be treated as a non-dessert item.
  11. Edibles
    Marijuana Nutella Is a Real ThingBaking reaches its pinnacle with Chrontella.
  12. Environment
    Nutella-Maker Swears Its Delicious Hazelnut Spread Isn’t That BadThe French ecology minister is urging people to stop eating the hazelnut spread.
  13. Marketing Gimmicks
    It’s Free Cone Day at Carvel, and OMG They’re Giving Away NutellaHow to get gratis ice cream at Carvel this afternoon.
  14. The Chain Gang
    Tim Hortons Will Unleash Nutella Doughnuts Next MonthThere’s a bagel spread as well.
  15. Totally Hazelnuts
    Carvel Introduces an Awesome-Sounding Nutella MilkshakePlus: Nutella ice creams are back.
  16. Message on a Bottle
    Nutella Bans Lesbian, Jewish, and Lots of Other Words FromThe company may have gone overboard trying to keep messages polite.
  17. Scary
    Man Blames Nutella Jar for Horrible House FireHas a spread ever attracted this much drama?
  18. Nut Job
    Someone Got Busted Trying to Smuggle $150,000 Inside Nutella JarsYou don’t smuggle Nutella back into Italy, you dummy.
  19. Goo Goo Ga Ga
    French Judge Rules It’s Not Okay to Name Your Kid ‘Nutella’Too much “mockery or disobliging remarks” is at stake.
  20. Openings
    Inside the World’s Most Mysterious Nutella Emporium“We’ll keep to first names for now.”
  21. Coming Soon
    An All-Nutella Restaurant Will Open in Park SlopeIt just has to outpace Nutella manufacturer Ferrero’s spry legal team first.
  22. That’s Nuts
    Nutella Maker Uses 25 Percent of the World’s Entire Hazelnut SupplyA jar containing at least 50 hazelnuts is sold every 2.5 seconds.
  23. Video Feed
    This Endearingly Awful Video Teaches You Several Italian Food and Drink Related“I am hungry, you are crazy, this is perfect, time to go.”
  24. Hazelnuts
    Carvel Debuts Nutella Ice-Cream Scoops and Soft-Serve on MondayIt’ll be layered into chocolate ice cream and sundaes, as well as its own soft-serve.
  25. Cronuts
    Here’s the Scene at Today’s Nutella Cronut Hole Debut“Waiting in line for the Nutella Cronut because I hate myself.”
  26. Foodievents
    Nutella-Stuffed Cronut Holes Will Debut Next WeekDid we mention they’re free?
  27. World Peace
    World Nutella Day Lives OnHallelujah.
  28. Ouch
    Nutella Asks Fan Behind ‘World Nutella Day’ to Cut It OutThe company sent another harsh cease-and-desist letter.
  29. Crime Scenes
    German Thieves Steal $20,710 Worth of NutellaFive tons of chocolate-hazelnut heaven.
  30. truckin’
    Two New Food Trucks Rolling in Los Angeles This WeekEvan Funke and Nutella Both Have Food Trucks in Los Angeles, but Not Together.
  31. Lawsuits
    Nutella’s Legal Team Goes After Restaurant for Selling NutellaThe company sent a cease-and-desist letter to the burrito chain.
  32. Loyalty
    If You Were Ever Stupid Enough to Think Nutella Was Healthy, You Might Be OwedWe don’t want to know.
  33. Mediavore
    Del Taco Shooting Leaves Three Dead in San Bernadino; Gulf Spill Yet To AffectA multiple-homicide terrorizes a fast-food restaurant and the Deep Horizon spill shows little impact on seafood costs.