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  1. Now Hiring
    Hill Country Chicken Is Hiring Sandy-Displaced WorkersThe restaurant is looking to hire those temporarily out of a job.
  2. Now Hiring
    Mario Batali Wants YOUThe job search for the chef’s media production coordinator has kicked off.
  3. Now Hiring
    Seeking ‘Ice Cream Intern’A MetroCard might be in it for you!
  4. Now Hiring
    No Tweezer Food at New Brooklyn StarNo meat glue, either!
  5. Now Hiring
    Working at Per Se: ‘It’s Like You’re Derek Jeter’How many résumés come in and who actually gets hired?
  6. Now Hiring
    So You Want to Be a Professional Food Taster …Now’s your chance!
  7. Now Hiring
    Seeking Sexy SommelierA “sophisticated” bistro is looking for an attractive female.
  8. Now Hiring
    Well, at Least The Jell-O Shot Economy Is ThrivingShot girls can make up to $600 a night.
  9. Now Hiring
    Intern at ‘Da Club’A “once-in-a-life time” internship at a nightclub.
  10. Now Hiring
    Vongerichten Stocks ABC KitchenAmid widespread industry job loss, JGV, at least, is hiring for his new project.
  11. Reopenings
    Boqueria Reopens in Flatiron, But Down a Chef De CuisinePlus, is Keith McNally’s pizzeria opening this month?
  12. Now Hiring
    So You Want to Be a Food-Truck InternYou’re in luck! The Milk Truck is hiring.
  13. Now Hiring
    ‘Dwarfs, Midgets (Calling All Little People)’A White Plains nightclub is looking for the vertically challenged.
  14. Now Hiring
    Michelin Makeover at Del Posto?Does losing a Michelin star have something to do with a call for sous chefs?
  15. Openings
    Mercadito, Finally?The long-awaited Mexican restaurant is hiring bartenders.
  16. Now Hiring
    Cabrito Seeks “Rock Star Line Cook”Why do we think shift drinks are a major job perk here?
  17. El Gordo
    Which Disastaurant Needs Gordo’s Guidance the Most?What restaurant do you think should submit to the humiliation of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’?
  18. Now Hiring
    Prepare for RelaunchWhat’s the stylish West Village restaurant that’s looking for a press-worthy chef?
  19. Now Hiring
    Wanted: Ice-Cream WomenPlus, a Craigslist ad calls for ““attrective [sic] busty females.”