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Novella Carpenter

  1. Urban Homesteading
    Oakland Finally Agrees to Let People Sell Vegetables They GrowThis new code change, however, would not have helped Novella Carpenter.
  2. Beef
    Oakland May Change Its Urban Farming Rules Now That They Made an Example ofCarpenter managed to raise the $2,500 for her conditional use permit through her blog readership.
  3. Trends
    NYT: Kids These Days Choose Egg Rolls Over EcstasyAnd did you hear?! Twentysomethings aren’t doing drugs anymore! They’re just eating street food!
  4. Beef
    The Culprit in Novella Carpenter’s Urban Farm Kerfuffle Was a RabbitThe urban farming evangelist is facing the prospect of fighting with the City for months or shutting down her urban farm.
  5. Community Bored
    Oakland Still Doesn’t Take Kindly to Urban FarmersNovella Carpenter’s been busted for illegal “agricultural activities.”