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North Carolina

  1. relief efforts
    José Andrés’s Relief Kitchen Has Arrived in North CarolinaFor the first time in its history, the chef’s World Central Kitchen is showing up mid-disaster.
  2. horrible things
    Man Accused of Crashing Car Into Restaurant, Killing Family Members As They AteA 62-year-old North Carolina man is at the center of the bizarre, tragic incident.
  3. racial discrimination
    Waffle House Faces Boycott After Another Black Customer Is Violently ArrestedThis time, it was a North Carolinian in a prom tux.
  4. bad receipts
    Restaurant Fires Waiter for Posting Customer’s Anti-Gay Receipt on FacebookA hand-scrawled note said, “Our gay waiter made me wanna throw up my food!”
  5. the chain gang
    Starbucks Baristas in Trouble for Mocking Trump-Supporting CustomerThe customer says they shoved it at her and “started cracking up laughing.”
  6. bad ideas
    Cops Falsely Accuse Restaurant’s Staff of Singing ‘F**k Tha Police’The owner says everyone involved will be fired.
  7. kids in restaurants
    Restaurant Gets ‘Dramatic Increase’ in Reservations After Banning Kids Under 5The owner says they were making his “classy” Italian spot feel like the local pizzeria.
  8. not great
    North Carolina Restaurant Accused of Tampering With Uniformed Officers’ FoodEmployees reportedly doused one’s wings with so much hot sauce he couldn’t eat them.
  9. crime scene
    Real-Life Ronald McDonald Shot Outside a SonicHe was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.
  10. Video Feed
    25-Ton Potato Spill Blocks Off North Carolina Highway for HoursDrivers awoke to a hellish commute courtesy of 50,000 runaway taters.
  11. The Chain Gang
    KFC Apologizes for Serving Woman a Fried KidneyShould’ve gone to Popeye’s.
  12. Horrible Customers
    Truly Awful Customers Leave Hateful ‘Tip’ for Lesbian ServerThey wrote “Leviticus 20:13,” which casually notes gay people “shall surely be put to death.”
  13. Not A Hoax
    Doctors Are Livid About the ‘Krispy Kreme Challenge’The name is being massacred as an “egregious conflict of interest.”
  14. Close Calls
    Kid Finds Officer’s Gun in a Restaurant Bathroom“I just knew by the panic in her voice, something was wrong.”
  15. Discrimination
    A North Carolina Bar Owner Kicked Out a Gay Couple for Kissing“You’re making people feel uncomfortable.”
  16. Tips
    A North Carolina Diner Customer Left a $9,000 Tip Because of Mother’s DayHe even tipped other customers.
  17. WWJP?
    This Restaurant Owner Lets Customers Ask God How Much They Should PaySo far, she says her revenue has nearly tripled.
  18. Mediavore
    Sly Stone Living on Food Donations; Chains Turn Their Backs on BoozeDespite potential profits, a Cabernet just doesn’t pair well with a value meal.
  19. Mediavore
    Coney Dog Has a Star Group of Investors; LAUSD Opening The Doors to Its CentralTim Allen, Adam Sandler, and Sam Raimi are all part of the group that is funding Sunset Blvd.’s first foray into Faygo.
  20. Mediavore
    L.A. Pushes For Food Stamps at Farmers Markets; Perez Hilton Launches FitnessL.A.’s Food Policy Task Force unveils a new proposal, while a celebrity blogger turns his critical eye on healthy eating.
  21. Nightclubbing
    Nell’s Won’t Be Revived Till Summer (More Time to Save Up forChecking in with Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva’s progress at the former Plumm space.
  22. Mediavore
    Sandra Day O’Connor Has Big Mac Attack; Panera Posting Calorie Count“Little Billy” polled the Supreme Court on their favorite things to eat at McDonalds and the first U.S. chain is revealed that will post calorie counts.
  23. Mediavore
    Kirstie Alley Shills for New Weight-Loss Program; Bad Tipper Banned fromThe Cheers actress has a new diet system and a regular gets booted from a Japanese restaurant for skimping on gratuities.
  24. Mediavore
    Nigella Lawson Inspires New Alice in Wonderland Queen; Cipriani LondonTim Burton took a cue from a TV toque and a famous club is sued by a more famous club.
  25. Chef Shuffle
    Another Exile ChefA couple of chefs are leaving New York to start their own places.
  26. Foodievents
    Things That Make You Go Mmmm: Ed Mitchell’s Beard House EncoreOne of the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party’s favorite pitmasters is making a New York encore.