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Nora Ephron

  1. Bittersweet
    Nora Ephron’s Memorial Includes, Naturally, RecipesI’ll have what she’s having.
  2. Celebrity Settings
    John Mayer Takes Hunger Games Star to Medieval Times; Lindsay Lohan MeetsIn both cases, it’s unfortunately not what it sounds like.
  3. Obituaries
    More on Nora Ephron, Food, and Movies
  4. Nora Ephron
    The Food World Mourns Nora EphronHungry hearts break.
  5. Foodievents
    Rachael Ray Fears Cake and LobsterShe also writes her recipes in longhand.
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Friends Tell You Where to EatMario Batali and other famous people recall their most memorable meals out.
  7. At the Movies
    Meryl Streep Hams It Up As Julia ChildThe trailer for Nora Ephron’s ‘Julie & Julia.’