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  1. Food Is the New Rock
    Rich Table, Wise Sons, and Nopalito All Sign on For Outside Lands in AugustIt’s the most foodinista of all music festivals.
  2. The Other Critics
    Roth Finds ‘Nothing Redeeming’ at Stock in Trade; theShe really, really didn’t like Stock in Trade.
  3. Quote of the Day
    Bauer Likes to Eat Mexican When He’s Blue
  4. Lists
    Who Has the Best Chilaquiles in S.F.?This could take a minute, but Nopalito’s definitely near the top of any list we’d make.
  5. Mikey Likes It
    Like the Original Location, Nopalito in the Sunset Gets Three Stars From Bauer
  6. Empire Building
    Nopalito Part Dos Opens in the Sunset April 23The second spot at 9th and Lincoln will be much like the first
  7. Lists
    Are These the Five Best Mexican Restaurants in S.F.?Lolo? Nopalito? Agree or disagree.
  8. Previews
    Nopalito’s New Sunset Location on Deck for MarchThe delayed second location is aiming for mid-month at 9th and Lincoln.
  9. Interviews
    Nopalito Co-Chefs Gonzalo Guzman and Jose Ramos Discuss Their Collaborative“I know when a lot of restaurants open a second location they tend to forget about the first location,” Guzman says. “We’re going to try to not let that happen.”
  10. Empire Building
    Nopalito Expanding to Second Spot in the SunsetThe new spot will open in the fall in the former Bistro 9 space at 9th and Lincoln.
  11. Mediavore
    Does Bauer Know From Good Pozole?; David Chang Explains Why Flying First Class
  12. Trends
    Modern Mexican Is Taking Over L.A.
  13. Neighborhood Watch
    A Shooting Closes El Rincon, La Mar Has a New Deck, and MoreEl Rincon is forced to close after an incident outside the club on Friday, Spice Kit is due next week in SoMa, and more…
  14. Presidential Eats
    Where in S.F. Will Barack and Michelle Eat?The President and First Lady are in town tonight and tomorrow for Democratic fundraisers and we’re dying to know if they’ve got any restaurants on the agenda.
  15. Mediavore
    Where to Drink Classic Sodas Around the Bay; People Don’t Trust Restaurant
  16. Closings
    Updated: Craig Stoll’s ‘Gem of a Location’ Turns Out to BeCraig Stoll’s concept at the high-traffic Valencia Street location is going to be Roman, not (as we conjectured) Mexican.
  17. Quote of the Day
    Madhur Jaffrey Says We’ve Got the ‘Best Food in America’The award-winning cookbook writer can’t get enough of the poached eggs at Boulette’s Larder.
  18. Closings
    The Great 2009 Data Dump: Weighing SF’s Openings and ClosingsDespite popular lore, 2009 was a year that saw twice as many openings as closings on the SF restaurant scene.
  19. Trends
    From Porchetta to Mezcal: The SF Food and Booze Trends of 2009This was the year of the portable restaurant, but it was also the year of biodynamic wine, D.I.Y. canning, and farmers’ market cocktails.
  20. Lists
    Esquire Shorts SF on ‘Best New’ PicksNopalito is the only San Francisco restaurant to make the list.
  21. Mediavore
    El Tin Tan’s Key Role, Nopalito Chef’s Empanadas