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Noise Complaints

  1. noise complaints
    How Starbucks Made Its Baristas Hate Hamilton“If I have to hear Hamilton one more time I’m getting a ladder and ripping out all of our speakers from the ceiling.”
  2. Noise Complaints
    Santa Monica City Council Tells Main Street To Shut UpSome voices within City Hall have suggested an all-out ban on speaking outdoors at night.
  3. Community Boards
    East Villagers Are Now Freaked Out About Bagel Shops, EvenPlus: Daniel Squadron wants you to rat out that noisy bar.
  4. NIMBY Power
    Noisy Bars Face ‘Six Strikes You’re Out’ BillThe latest in anti-nightlife legislation.
  5. Nightclubbing
    Jane Ballroom Neighbor Begs Olsen Twins for HelpPlus, a dispatch from the Boom Boom Room.
  6. Beef
    Neighbors Go Viral in Fight Against Jane BallroomMeanwhile, the hot spot is making $20,000 a night.
  7. Beef
    Douche Bags Against DouchebagsA resident behind the Cooper Square Hotel’s controversial second-floor terrace has now hung out a douche bag to join the soiled undies.
  8. Beef
    Jason Pomeranc Thinks Neighbors Will Come Around to Thompson LESThe Thompson Hotels chief thinks neighbors will grow to like his latest.
  9. The Great Outdoors
    Cooper Square Adds Patio As Hubbub Over Noise ContinuesPlus, neighbors of the Thompson LES aren’t having it.
  10. Beef
    Terrible TerraceThe latest from a Cooper Square neighbor who has declared war on the hotel’s noisy terrace.