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  1. Chillin’
    Noir Gives Rise to Boozy Water IcesThe brain-freezers utilize water ice and lemoncello sourced from neighboring businesses.
  2. Neighborhood Watch
    Peek at the Menu at Noir; Miss Ollie’s Launches Dinner
  3. Menu Changes
    Chef Marco DeCotiis Serving Up Canadian Comforts at NoirThe East Passyunk Ave. restaurant and bar is offering more than just poutine.
  4. Pre-Preview
    Noir Lounge to Bring ‘Cheeky Movie Theater Snacks’ to Hayes ValleyIt’s a wine bar/restaurant
  5. Neighborhood Watch
    Spreading the Puerto Rican Love; Yoshi’s 40th Year a Rocky One; and More
  6. Booze You Can Use
    Noir Finally Gets the Go-Ahead to Start Pouring BoozeThe booze started flowing on Friday.
  7. Openings
    Passyunk Ave. Adds Two More Places to EatMiss Rachel’s Pantry and Noir keep the Southh Philly restaurant row booming.
  8. Closings
    Frjtz Closing in Hayes Valley, Making Way for a Noir-ish Bar Called NoirOwner Santiago Rodriguez wants to concentrate on the Mission location.
  9. Coming Soon
    Don’t Ditch That Fedora Just Yet, Bogey; Piazza Getting Even More BeerBoth projects have their work cut out for them.
  10. Openings
    Rascal Serves Sandwiches for Dinner, Open Tonight on La BreaThe dinner-only sandwich pub comes from Chaya’s former beverage director and a former GM at Trump’s.
  11. Celebrity Settings
    Bob Saget Charms Line Cooks and Eats Eggwiches; Eddie Money Drops Clams on ClamPlus Norah Jones, Tom Menino, Micky Ward, and more, all in our celebrity-dining round-up.
  12. Foodievents
    Noir Celebrates Fat Tuesday (And How to Do the Same at Home)Boston embraces a bit of the Big Easy on this Fat Tuesday.
  13. Back of the House
    Steven Rinella Dons Locavore CamouflageSteven Rinella’s op-ed piece in today’s Times, in which the Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine author makes the case that hunters are not really hobbyists who enjoy killing animals, but rather proto-locavores, struck us as disingenuous on so many levels that we had to respond to it. First, Rinella wraps himself in green language as if it were a Thinsulate camo parka. “Hunters are the original locavores,” Rinella writes, bragging that his family used to eat three or four deer a year, along with various other unlucky birds and squirrels, and that he “carried that subsistence aesthetic into adulthood.” Subsistence aesthetic! Rinella’s from Twin Lake, Michigan! We would bet the closest he got to subsistence culture was running out of Pop-Tarts.