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Noel Cruz

  1. Closings
    Landlord Takes Back Carmine Club Café After Just Four MonthsWill Noel Cruz’s post-Eletteria endeavor reopen?
  2. Foodievents
    Cruz Cruises FlushingThe Carmine Club Café chef reveals his favorite place for duck buns.
  3. Menu Changes
    What to Eat for Lunch at Carmine Club CaféThe Mediterranean restaurant launches midday service tomorrow.
  4. Openings
    Noel Cruz Lands at Carmine Club CaféAn Elettaria alum opens a new Mediterranean-inspired West Village space.
  5. VideoFeed
    Restaurant Tour: Inside ElettariaTake a video walk-through of the new restaurant from Akhtar Nawab and Noel Cruz.
  6. House Mix
    Elettaria Asks: Have You Ever Been Experienced?Elettaria’s space was formerly occupied by the 8th Wonder, where a young Jimi Hendrix performed. So is his ghost still setting guitars (or at least flambés) on fire? Since proprietors Akhtar Nawab and Noel Cruz are big into classic rock (Akhtar is a bass player who loves him some Rush), we figured it was a strong possibility that after the early-evening jazz and blues, it would be, “Move over Rover, let Jimi take over…”