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    Checking Out the Relocated Lush Lounge; Chain Restaurants Are Doing Well
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    Meat the Nimans
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    Schnabel-Designed Room Comes to Old Homestead; Franklin Becker in at Abe &Plus: Michelle Obama gives a White House kitchen tour and the Essex Street Market faces scrutiny, all in our morning news roundup.
  4. Locavores
    Niman Ranch Founder to Help Chipotle Go GreenmarketBill Niman will consult the burrito chain on sustainable agriculture.
  5. Click and Save
    Inside Surf and Turf: Watching a Tuna-Cutting, Eating Fancy SteaksTwo big, intense features recently stopped us in our tracks: a Slate piece going into great detail about contemporary steak, with a taste test comparing grass-fed, grain-fed, dry-aged, and wet-aged steaks; and On the Broiler’s photo-essay about the cutting of a 400-pound tuna in a Japanese shopping center in New Jersey. The tuna pics are just plain cool — in fact, our photographer happened to shoot a few of her own, which we’re featuring here — but the Slate article is a must-read for anyone who plans on passing within a few yards of a New York steakhouse, particularly the new breed of restaurants, like Craftsteak and STK, that specify the feed and provenance of their meat. And the upshot of the comparison test? The clear winner was grass-fed beef from Alderspring Ranch in Idaho. Grain-fed, non-aged beef from Niman Ranch came in second. Which Steak Tastes the Best? [Slate] The Mitsuwa Tuna Cut [Off the Broiler]