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  1. investigations
    How Does Nigella Lawson Pronounce ‘Microwave’?The best way, as it turns out.
  2. Masterpiece Eater
    Nigella Lawson’s Ex-Husband Profits From This Art That Depicts Her Getting“Saatchi is strangling Nigella,” says one artist, “but it’s also about him squeezing the art market. It works on many levels.”
  3. Gossip
    Nigella Lawson’s Pals Blame Ex-Husband for U.S. Entry BanOne friend tells a British tabloid that Charles Saatchi is still out to get the celebrity chef.
  4. Nigella Lawson
    Cocaine Testimony Allegedly Landed Nigella Lawson on No-Fly List“She didn’t seem to say much, but she did not look happy.”
  5. Nigella Lawson
    Nigella Lawson Won’t Be Investigated for Drug UseNow it’s really time to move on.
  6. The Feeding Tube
    Fewer Brits Tuned In for Episode Two of The Taste U.K.Viewership shrank almost to half since the show’s premiere.
  7. The Feeding Tube
    Not a Lot of Brits Tuned in for The Taste’s U.K. PremiereIt beat only one show: BBC Two’s Stargazing LIVE.
  8. Foodie Movies
    Angelina Jolie Tapped to Play Nigella Lawson in Biopic That Will Never Ever GetAbout as likely as Anne Hathaway playing Ruth Reichl, or Gwyneth Paltrow portraying Gabrielle Hamilton.
  9. The Feeding Tube
    Watch Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson in The Taste U.K. TrailerThe hosts are pretty good at making funny faces.
  10. Lawsuits
    Nigella Lawson’s Former Assistants Cleared of Fraud ChargesBut what’s the verdict on Nigella?
  11. Team Nigella
    David Cameron Chooses Team NigellaThe jury was told to disregard his allegiances.
  12. Nigella Lawson
    Nigella Lawson Admits to Dabbling in CocaineWe can all move on now, but it’s likely that won’t happen.
  13. Allegations
    Nigella Lawson Drug-Use Allegations Just Keep Getting NastierThe celebrity chef’s ex-husband sent her an e-mail saying “you trashed your daughter’s life.”
  14. Allegations
    British Court Hears Reports of Nigella Lawson’s Alleged Drug UseThe lawyer says that the alleged drug use is “highly relevant” to his client’s court case.
  15. Nigella Lawson
    Why Do People Think Nigella Lawson Hates Feminism?No matter how the newspapers have it.
  16. The Feeding Tube
    Vanity Fair Takes On TV Chef ScandalsSomehow only Gordo, who makes millions acting furious, remains unscathed.
  17. Nigella
    Nigella Lawson Pretty Much Divorced From Charles SaatchiShe’s also back to work.
  18. Divorce Court
    Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi’s Divorce ConfirmedThe couple got married in 2003.
  19. Divorce Court
    Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi Are Getting DivorcedSoon-to-be ex-husband Charles Saatchi choked Lawson at a restaurant last month.
  20. The Feeding Tube
    The Taste Loses Co-host Brian MalarkeyIs a Malarkey-free show still appetizing?
  21. Not Good
    Nigella Lawson’s Husband Met With Police After Public Choking IncidentCharles Saatchi reportedly “accepted a caution for assault.”
  22. Not Good
    Charles Saatchi Choked Nigella Lawson at a RestaurantThe celebrity chef and her husband’s public confrontational lunch is now tabloid fodder.
  23. Ladies Man
    Anthony Bourdain Thinks Men ‘Kind of Suck’His misguided attempt at feminism.
  24. Interviews
    Nigella Lawson on Midwest Eating ‘With Relish and Abandon’Nigella Lawson talks about Italian food in the midwest.
  25. Interviews
    Nigella Lawson: ‘The Whole World Is Enslaved by Italian Food’“There’s no mystique, it doesn’t try to keep its methods or its ingredients a secret. There isn’t some sort of inner sanctum you have to be ushered into.”
  26. The Feeding Tube
    Does The Taste Have an Anthony Bourdain Problem?Does ‘The Taste’ really suck that badly?
  27. Celebrity Settings
    Meet Nigella Lawson at the Ferry Building TonightShe’s here promoting her new book, ‘Nigellisima.’
  28. Video Feed
    Watch Nigella Lawson Talk About Her Former Job As a ChambermaidShe tried on everyone’s clothes.
  29. The Feeding Tube
    The Taste Is Off to an Appetizing StartLots of viewers bit on the “one bite” culinary competition show.
  30. Video Feed
    The Taste Premiere in 91 SecondsWe’ve summed up the two-hour premiere in a tidy minute and a half.
  31. TV Land
    Anthony Bourdain’s The Taste Featuring L.A. ChefsTony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson’s new cooking competition to feature Stella Rossa chef.
  32. Diets
    Nigella Trims Calories, CurvesDon’t worry, not all of them.
  33. The Feeding Tube
    Are Ludo Lefebvre and José Andrés the Other Two Mentors on TheSo José Andrés is Cee Lo, right?
  34. Other Magazines
    Fergus Henderson Enlists David Chang, April Bloomfield for PortAn instant collector’s item.
  35. Quote Of The Day
    Nigella’s Husband: Feel Free to Covet My Wife“Who would want to be married to someone who nobody coveted?”
  36. Hotlines
    Fergus Henderson Would Like You to Bake in Your Filing CabinetThe man is a sage, and he also has some good advice about how to use sage.
  37. Other Magazines
    Yep, That’s Nigella Lawson Covered in Caramel on a New Magazine CoverBut how does it compare to all the other times magazines have covered an attractive woman in food?
  38. Cafe Exfoliation
    Nigella Lawson’s Nooks and CranniesWe want to watch her shave truffles, not her legs.
  39. Food for Thought
    Bourdain, Ripert, Izard, and Others Ask: ‘Where Are the Great FemaleThe question seems to be on everyone’s mind lately.
  40. Mediavore
    A New Lawsuit Arises Against Yelp; Iron Chef UK Due Later This Year
  41. Mediavore
    Nigella Lawson Inspires New Alice in Wonderland Queen; Cipriani LondonTim Burton took a cue from a TV toque and a famous club is sued by a more famous club.
  42. Mediavore
    Race and Restaurant Hiring; Yelp Faces LawsuitPlus: High-end chefs turn to canned seafood, and liquor companies worry about pricing, all in our morning news roundup.
  43. Mediavore
    Booze Tax Could Rise; Yelp Is SuedPlus: ‘Iron Chef’ hits Europe, and New Yorkers want grocery-store wine, all in our morning news roundup.
  44. Mediavore
    Red Tide Possible; Yelp Gets SuedPlus: Iron Chef hits Europe, and craft brewers step up tours, all in our morning news roundup.
  45. Foodievents
    Let’s All Go to Art Smith’s Birthday PartyA massive lineup of culinary talent comes out to support Smith and his Common Threads charity.
  46. Mediavore
    Saison Adds Thursdays; Nasty Facts About Nigella
  47. Food TV
    Food Network Chefs in the Pre–Prime Time of Their YouthPhotos of Flay, Batali, Ray, and more from when they were awkward kids.
  48. That Ain’t Right
    Nigella’s XXX-MasAs if Rachael Ray’s corn porn weren’t traumatizing enough…
  49. Try It at Home
    Where to Get Your Celebrity-Chef Thanksgiving RecipesA new search engine showcases recipes from the likes of Daniel Boulud and Eric Ripert, just like our own recipe database has all along!
  50. NewsFeed
    Details Bubble Up About New York Wine & Food FestivalNot everyone is behind the New York version of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, occurring October 9–12 (you’ll recall local restaurateurs had mixed reactions), but Eater brings news of events that may get more people behind it.
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