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Nicolas Fanucci

  1. Closings
    Le Bec Fin Is Closing For RealHow the mighty have fallen.
  2. Rumor Mill
    Latest Round of Rumors Spells Big Trouble For Le Bec FinNo matter how you slice it, none of this news is good.
  3. Chef Shuffle
    Perrier Bids Adieu to Georges’; Enters RetirementHe’s exited the fold at his Main Line restaurants, and by all accounts, headed for retirement.
  4. Menu Changes
    Nothing to Worry About: A La Carte Option Just Means Le Bec Fin Is More FlexibleSeems loyal Le Bec-ers like the idea of making more frequent visits, but not at $150 and eight courses.
  5. Menu Changes
    Le Bec Fin to Add an a la Carte MenuIs this a case of history repeating itself? We hope not.
  6. Chef Shuffle
    Sacré Bleu! Le Bec Fin and Walter Abrams Part WaysThe French Laundry-trained chef climbed aboard last summer when the restaurant changed hands.
  7. Name Game
    Perrier Further Distances Himself From Le Bec FinPerreir has asked Le Bec’s owners to remove his name from its downstairs bar.
  8. Menu Changes
    Le Bec Fin Rolling Back the PricesThe price change suggests new owner Nicolas Fanucci is learning from his predecessor’s mistakes.
  9. Gone Green
    Le Bec-Fin Gets Its First Ever Recycling BinIt’s a first for the 42-year-old restaurant.
  10. Accolades
    Under New Ownership the Myth of Le Bec-Fin’s Michelin Star Rating Lives OnThe curious case of the dining institution’s supposed Michelin rating continues.
  11. Interviews
    The Reboot Part Deux: Chef Walter Abrams Talks Le Bec-FinThe former French Laundry chef tells Grub Street about what to expect from a newly relaunched Le Bec-Fin.
  12. Interviews
    Nicolas Fanucci Talks About Rebooting Le Bec-FinIn the second chapter of Philly’s most famed restaurant, former French Laundry general manager Nicolas Fanucci will bring back some of the Le Bec-Fin glory.
  13. Coming Soon
    Le Bec-Fin to Relaunch in JuneWhen it reopens, the once great restaurant will be helmed by French Laundry alumni.
  14. Front of House
    The French Laundry Loses a Manager to PhillyFanucci will be coming in at the once iconic restaurant as a partner.