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Nick Kokonas

  1. Interview
    Achatz Gets the Fresh Air TreatmentTerry Gross questions Achatz.
  2. Foodievents
    Achatz and Kononas Take Book Tour to Harold Washington LibraryThe book tour continues.
  3. Coming Soon
    Ten Facts From the Times and Tribune Grant Achatz ProfilesThe chef receives two long profiles on the same day.
  4. Foodievents
    Achatz and Kokonas to Appear on Chicago Live!Hopefully they’ll give a few more details on Next.
  5. Coming Soon
    Perhaps You Should Subscribe to Next Right NowIt’s almost time to buy some tickets.
  6. Roundup
    Memoirs, Sketches, and Escoffier: Your Daily Grant Achatz RoundupAchatz was in the news a lot today.
  7. Food Writing
    A Sneak Peek at Achatz’s ‘Life, On the Line’We took a look at Grant Achatz’s new memoir.
  8. Construction
    A Look Inside Next and AviaryGrant Achatz just posted some pictures of the construction process.
  9. Interview
    Nick Kokonas Details the Beginning of NextNick Kokonas dishes on the beginning of Next.
  10. Food Writing
    Grant Achatz’s Life, on the Line, Coming to Bookstores in MarchBecause Grant Achatz wasn’t busy enough.
  11. Rumors
    The Alinea Bar is Not Called ‘Boom’A series of misunderstanding leads the UK ‘Independent’ to report the wrong name for Alinea’s nonexistent bar.
  12. Video Feed
    Grant Achatz Cooks Like Miles Davis Plays JazzAlinea managing partner compares Grant Achatz’s cooking to Miles Davis.