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  1. Crime Scenes
    Cab Interrupts Dinner at Café HabanaAnd deer run wild through an upstate Wegmans.
  2. Openings
    Niagara Opens Annex TonightThe reboot of Pizza Shop will serve oysters and burgers.
  3. Openings
    CB Minutes: Il Buco Expands, Plan B Remodels, White Star Gets Grub, and MoreAn East Village oyster bar, and more projects in the works.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Oprah’s Appetite for Junk Food Knows No BoundsYour weekly roundup of where the pretty people went to eat.
  5. Openings
    Subterranean-Lounge Trend Hits Pizza ParlourThe Niagara folks have soft-opened the Cabin Down Below.
  6. NewsFeed
    The Ramones Live On, in Pizza-Box FormMeet the coolest pizza box of all time.
  7. Openings
    A First Look at HiFi and Niagara Owners’ New Bar, Bowery ElectricThe owners of the Bowery’s latest bar, and also of HiFi, Niagara, and Black and White, have come out of stealth mode.
  8. NewsFeed
    Niagara and Black and White Owners Also Behind Bowery ElectricIn addition to Mike Stuto of HiFi, the Bowery’s new rock bar is owned by Jesse Malin and Johnny T of Black and White and Niagara.
  9. Openings
    Niagara Owners Unveil Their New Pizza Parlor Earlier we told you that Niagara was installing a slice joint next door — now we can reveal its name: Pizza Shop. Pie master Kevin Cole perfected his light, crispy crust at Two Boots and Three of Cups. He’s also used his dough recipe in focaccia bread for sandwiches such as chicken parm and grilled chicken with fresh mozzarella. Save some wooden booths in the back, the space is free of the flourishes you’ll find at Niagara’s downstairs tiki bar, but Cole says the walls will eventually be adorned with the limited-edition pizza boxes that pies will be served in. The first will be a collaboration between photographer Bob Gruen and artist Holly Ramos, featuring a photo of the Clash (who else?).
  10. NewsFeed
    Niagara Will Be Meeting Your Pizza NeedsThe food and drink arrangement at Niagara was always pretty much a simple one: You go to Niagara, drink, writhe around downstairs in one of its subterranean caverns, then, after more drinking, cap the night off with a barely edible slice from Sal’s next door. Now Niagara owners, Motherfucker promoter Johnny T and D Generation front man Jesse Malin, have integrated the process by taking over their next-door pizzeria. The new pizza canteen, whose name was still being decided upon at the time of this writing, will also benefit from Niagara’s liquor license — not to mention its exhausted, famished customers. Expect to pick up a slice by the end of next week.