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    Sue Torres Wants John McCain to Be Her DogA look at what six chefs would prepare for the presidential candidates.
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    Zach Galifianakis Introduces the ‘Caketail’Absolut Vodka peddles the most disgusting cocktail ever made.
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    Rocks, Salt for Restaurateur John McDonaldOne of the city’s great boulevardiers talks about his night life.
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    The Chelsea Is Almost in Full Swing; Want Stephen Starr’s Menu As Proof?Beatrice Inn impresarios Matt Abramcyk and Paul Sevigny add food to their fifth-floor pool deck.
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    Martignettis Close Bella’s, Make It MagesticSomething to do with the underage crowd?
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    Tennis and Barbecue, Almost as Bizarre as Bagels in BeijingHill Country will be one of the food vendors when Madison Square Park screens U.S. Open matches.
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    Would You Like Uppers or Downers for Breakfast?A look at the latest wave of chewable caffeine.
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    Keith McNally Knows How to SummerOh, you didn’t get invited to his Vineyard pig roast?
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    The Unfulfilled Promise of the Fall PreviewMetromix remembers what we were all so excited about in 2007.
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    Brad Thompson Debuts Lever House Menu TonightTonight is the night to bring it, Brad.
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    Dolce Vita Accuses Neighbors of Harassment, Fights for ‘New Little“It’s time for a New Little Italy … even if I fail at trying,” says the owner.
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    American Hero Joey Chestnut Settles for Silver in Beer-ChuggingThe nation’s top competitive eater falls to an unknown who pounds a pitcher in 9.9 seconds.
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    Taavo Somer Reveals the Secret of Freemans’ Artichoke DipIt came from Minnesota!
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    Seth MacFarlane Set to Forever Cheapen the Dignity of The KingDoes this qualify as regicide?
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    Anthony Martignetti Is Off the MarketThe Bar Martignetti proprietor will marry in September.
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    Changes Afoot: Grub Street Now HiringLove food, restaurants, and Anthony Bourdain? Do you dream of writing about them all? We’re looking to hire a full-time writer!
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    Momofuku Ko May Soon Do Lunch, Vegetarian MenuDon’t think lunch will be any cheaper or easier to get into.
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    Spotlight Takes a Voluntary Breather, BLVD an Involuntary One?And the Sfoglia deal may be off at 98 Kenmare.
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    ‘Common Man’ Eli Zabar Faces Credibility ProblemLet’s face it. Eli Zabar’s gourmet market in Amagansett is no roadside stand.
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    Very Berry Hopes Name Change Will Freeze Out the CompetitionWill a new name give Very Berry an edge on Pinkberry, Yolato, and Red Mango?
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    Bourdain Says New York Will Never Match SpainIs he selling his hometown short?
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    Dovetail’s John Fraser Will Pair Your Food With SherryThe chef explains why sherry is not just for grandma anymore.
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    Food Network Ponders Competitive-Eating ShowBut why in L.A.?
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    ‘Top Chef’ Update: Mystery Contestant, Stephanie’s Lameness,Another cheftestant to I.D., Stephanie is no longer interesting, and more ‘Top Chef’ news for Monday morning.
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    State Liquor Authority Snuffs Out Bad Karma
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    Kenny Shopsin Creates a Book of Enduring Wisdom“I probably axe at least one party every day.”
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    BunBelieveable! Bun Goes 24/7, Repeats Nutso Free-Food PromoBun beats Delicatessen to the 24/7 punch.
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    Paul Bocuse Himself to Attend Bocuse d’Or SemfinalsThe contest founder will observe Team USA’s challenge.
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    Introducing the Sandwich of the FreakGrilled Viagra, anyone?
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    Terrifying Panel of Bocuse d’Or Judges AnnouncedFormidable chefs from around the country.
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    Little Gordo Terrorizes His Mum and DadIf only the real Gordon Ramsay were this adorable.
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    José Andrés Auditions for Celebrity-Chef Role onJosé Andrés really, really wants to be the new Emeril.
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    Spotlight Live Sued for $10 Million Over Stabbing DeathWith the killing of Ingrid Rivera still on their hands, employees of the karaoke club are now being blamed for a January stabbing.
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    Tenjune Doorman Aalex Julian Issues a Sincere ApologyHe’s sorry for all those things he said about his former employers.
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    That Woman From Centro Is Totally on ‘Top Chef’— ReaderThat’s Leah, all right.
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    East Coast-Midwest Rapper–Burger Mogul War Erupts?With Kanye West opening ten locations in Chicago, Pharrell better get to work on his three Manhattan locations.
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    Roxy Might Just Be Down for the CountTheir withdrawal from a recent community-board meeting may mean the owners have abandoned plans to reopen.
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    Flatiron ’Wichcraft Adds Beer and a Roof DeckThings just get better and better at Tom Colicchio’s sammy chain.
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    Stacey Slichta Denies She’s a ‘Top Chef’ Contestant; CentroThe latest from the ‘Top Chef’ rumor mill.
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    Cipriani Beats Out Waverly Inn As ‘Favorite’ Restaurant for1Oak and Marquee also rank highly, perhaps because of their publicists.
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    ‘Reservoir Dogs’–Style Fro-Yo Standoff in BrooklynThree fro-yo spots compete on the same block.
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    Jay-Z and Beyoncé Find No Quarter at La EsquinaThey were seated promptly at Lucali a while ago, but got no such luck at La Esquina.
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    Whom Do You Want to See on ‘Celebrity Come Dine With Me’?A new NBC series will feature celebs as dinner hosts.
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    Steve Hanson Gets Blessing for Vento’s Basement LoungeCommunity Board 2 will vote on the Beatrice Inn next month.
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    Jean-Georges Basks Briefly in Soba GlowThank God for Japanese customers.
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    San Francisco Boasts of Influence of Chefs You Have Never Heard OfThere’s Thomas Keller and Alice Waters … and… um …
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    Awkward Good-byes: Sweet and Vicious Looks Forward to Serving You Again,The Nolita favorite is indeed shut down, and the nonchalant signage doesn’t really answer any questions.
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    Jesi Solomon Moves From Stanton Social to ThorThe Hotel on Rivington’s restaurant has a new executive chef.
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    Breaking: Sweet and Vicious Seized by Landlord?A Twitter feed says so.
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    Will L.A.’s Fast-Food Ban Affect Street Vendors?The Los Angeles fast-food ban might have unintended casualties.
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