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  1. awards
    Here Are the Semifinalists for the 2024 James Beard Foundation AwardsNew York is represented by restaurants including Superiority Burger, Zaab Zaab, and Foxface.
  2. lists
    Michelin Plays It SafeThis year’s stars offer zero surprises.
  3. news
    Did a Union Really Form at Lodi? It’s Not So Simple.A labor group’s message claimed victory, but it’s a bit premature.
  4. noises
    NYC Is Fully Back Because Restaurants Are Loud AgainAccording to former mayor Michael Bloomberg, anyway.
  5. outdoor dining
    City Council One Step Closer to Really, Finally Making Streeteries PermanentWhen it’s warm out, anyway.
  6. news
    Here Are the Semifinalists for the 2023 James Beard Foundation AwardsNew York is well represented by Department of Culture, Kru, and more.
  7. news
    Here’s the Full List of 2022 James Beard Award NomineesAfter rethinking its approach to its annual awards, the James Beard Foundation announced its finalists for 2022.
  8. restaurant power rankings
    Grub Street’s Restaurant Power Rankings: Where to Eat Right NowFind out where to eat in our weekly ranking of the city’s most important restaurants.
  9. closings
    Maple’s Delivery Service Will Cease Operations in New YorkLondon-based Deliveroo has purchased the company.
  10. crime scene
    Police Are After a Man Who Thew a Bomb into a Crowded L.A. Cheesecake FactoryLuckily no injuries have been reported.
  11. raw deal
    Pure Food & Wine Owner Gets Offered Lenient Plea Deal for Grand-Larceny ChargesOne to three years is what prosecutors have suggested.
  12. Man Indicted for Murder of L&B Spumoni Gardens Co-ownerAndres Fernandez’s attorney pleaded not guilty on his behalf.
  13. high time
    Denver Becomes the First City to Allow Marijuana Use in Bars and RestaurantsThe measure goes into effect immediately, with a couple of catches.
  14. lists
    Here Are the 2017 Michelin Stars for New York CityNo Le Coucou, but Aska gets two stars.
  15. soda taxes
    Voters Decisively Passed Soda Taxes in 4 More U.S. CitiesSugary drinks took a big hit in the Bay Area and Boulder.
  16. news
    Federal Agents Finally Charged Someone in L&B Spumoni Gardens Co-owner’s KillingSo far, it doesn’t look like there were any Mafia ties.
  17. openings
    Introducing the ‘Sophia Loren,’ New York’s Most Elegant New SundaeThe dessert is just one thing you’ll be able to get at Andrew Carmellini’s restaurant Leuca.
  18. chelsea bombing
    Chelsea Restaurants Are Struggling in the Wake of Saturday’s ExplosionBy as much as 50 percent.
  19. the chain gang
    De Blasio Says No More Surprise Work Schedules for New York’s Fast-Food WorkersHe backs legislation requiring that those 65,000 employees get their work hours at least two weeks in advance.
  20. awards
    President Obama Will Honor Chef José Andrés With a National Humanities MedalThe award recognizes him for “cultivating our palates and shaping our culture.”
  21. food safety
    New York Will Start Labeling Food Grown in the StateHealthy, ecofriendly products that meet food-safety standards can soon get a “New York Grown & Certified” stamp.
  22. dumb ideas
    New Jersey Might Actually Outlaw Eating While DrivingA new bill would fine violators up to $400 for even a sip of coffee.
  23. end of an era
    New York City’s Last Remaining Dairy Plant Is ClosingIt will mark the first time since the Dutch arrived that milk won’t be bottled inside city limits.
  24. food labels
    President Obama Signs America’s First GMO-Labeling Bill Into LawIt abolishes Vermont’s rules with a federal set allowing food companies to use QR codes.
  25. crime scene
    NYPD Thinks They’ve Identified the L&B Spumoni Gardens Co-owner’s KillerSurveillance footage shows a man pacing suspiciously in front of Lou Barbati’s home.
  26. awful things
    Police Close Ohio Restaurant After Cop Finds Glass Shards in SandwichOfficials say there’s “no reason” yet to believe the act was intentional.
  27. food labels
    Congress Passes the Nation’s First GMO-Labeling RequirementObama is expected to sign the bill, overriding Vermont’s state law.
  28. Top Chipotle Executive Indicted for Cocaine PossessionFor now, the chain has put him on leave.
  29. Turf Wars
    Food-Cart Vendor Slashes Rival for Coming to His Street CornerPolice say the victim needed five stitches in his back.
  30. Soda Taxes
    Philadelphia Is America’s First Big City With a Soda TaxResidents will pay 1.5 cents per ounce.
  31. Crime Scene
    A Man Accidentally Shot Himself While Buying Breakfast at Zabar’sThe poorly timed incident shut the café down for hours.
  32. Minimum Wage
    Washington, D.C., Is Latest City to Pass a $15 Living WageA big victory for fast-food workers living in the place with the nation’s highest income disparity.
  33. Bagmen
    Lawmakers Are Fighting to Prevent a Plastic-Bag Fee in NYCA bill outlawing the surcharge is reportedly gathering momentum in Albany.
  34. Restaurant Power Rankings
    Grub Street’s Restaurant Power Rankings: Dizengoff, Olmsted, GünterFind out where to eat in our weekly ranking of the city’s most-buzzed-about restaurants.
  35. Lawsuits
    Cherry Mogul’s Family Sues NYPD for Pot RaidIn a $50 million lawsuit, they accuse the NYPD of illegally “bum-rushing” the factory.
  36. Crime Scene
    New York’s Drugstores Are Being Targeted by an Ice-Cream Crime RingOfficials say ten CVS and Duane Reade stores have been hit in the last year.
  37. New York Values
    Christians Aren’t Happy About Mayor de Blasio’s Chick-fil-A Slam“Doesn’t this sound like bullying, intolerance, and discrimination?”
  38. Video Feed
    25-Ton Potato Spill Blocks Off North Carolina Highway for HoursDrivers awoke to a hellish commute courtesy of 50,000 runaway taters.
  39. Minimum Wage
    Supreme Court Won’t Stand in the Way of Seattle’s $15 Minimum WageFast-food franchisees had claimed the law unfairly treats them as large corporations.
  40. Restaurant Power Rankings
    Grub Street’s Restaurant Power Rankings: Jose Garces Opens, New NewFind out where to eat in our weekly ranking of the city’s most-buzzed-about restaurants.
  41. Lawsuits
    Bodega Association Claims NYPD Is Illegally Targeting Immigrant-Owned DelisIt argues police are harassing owners with violations as a way to surveil them.
  42. DIY Projects
    How 3 Baristas Built Their Coffee Shop for the Price of One Espresso Machine“Luckily, we were inexperienced and naïve enough to think it could work.”
  43. News
    North Korea-Run Restaurant Workplace Is HorribleEven Applebee’s would be an upgrade.
  44. Viral Desserts
    Here’s the New Japanese Water Cake That Will Debut at SmorgasburgLike artisanal Jell-O, available 1,000 servings at a time.
  45. Grand Returns
    Smorgasburg’s Outdoor Markets Return This WeekendThe Brooklyn Flea is back, too — and it’s moving!
  46. Affronts To Decorum
    John Kasich Lamely Defends Eating Pizza With a Fork“Look, look, the pizza came scalding hot, okay?”
  47. Foodievents
    Alon Shaya’s Brooklyn Pizza PartyThe celebrated Domenica and Shaya chef has come to New York to study the delicate art of incorporating freshly milled flours into breads and pizza.
  48. Calorie Crunchers
    FDA Now Says Calorie-Labeling Rule Won’t Go Into Effect Until 2017It’s the third delay to the deadline since 2015.
  49. War Zones
    PEZ Cancels Easter Egg Hunt After Unhinged Parents Bum-Rush Field“When my son left, he had a broken basket and was hysterically crying.”
  50. Coming Soon
    Hard Times Sundaes Burger Truck Goes Brick-and-Mortar in ManhattanIt opens at UrbanSpace Vanderbilt this weekend.
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