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  1. news you can booze
    Comey’s Hearing Is Giving Day-Drinkers the Perfect Excuse to Start Early at BarsLines at some of America’s drinking establishments stretch for blocks today.
  2. drinking games
    A D.C. Bar Will Give Away Free Drinks Every Time Trump Tweets About ComeyYou have to cope somehow.
  3. news you can booze
    To Combat Falling Sales, Budweiser Will Soon Be ‘Fresher’Notice the megabrewer doesn’t say “better.”
  4. news you can booze
    A Long Island Restaurant Is Throwing an ‘LIRR Sucks Party’You’d want a free drink, too, if you got stranded at Penn Station after work.
  5. news you can booze
    Dream Job Will Pay You to Travel and Drink Wine Out of a CanDo you have what it takes to be Union Wine Company’s “Canbassador”?
  6. news you can booze
    Trader Joe’s Is Selling a $4 Pack of Canned WineTwo Buck Chuck is in for a low-key summer.
  7. news you can booze
    Brewery Goes God-Level and Unveils 1,000-Packs of BeerPerfect for your next barbecue.
  8. news you can booze
    England’s Acclaimed Recycled-Bread Beer Is Coming to New York CityToast hopes to start production by July 4.
  9. amazing
    Bar Builds Maze to Thwart Law Saying It Must Be 500 Meters From HighwayNothing spurs creativity like a threat to alcohol.
  10. news you can booze
    World Beer Cup Will Stop Recognizing Entries That Use ‘Sexist and Lewd’ NamesThe Brewers Association says it’s time for offensive labels to go.
  11. news you can booze
    Canadian Brewery Trolls Trump With a Big Beer CanIt’s called the “Fake News Ale.”
  12. video feed
    Mexico’s Tourism Board Invented a Cloud That Rains TequilaSmart move.
  13. news you can booze
    Science Has Finally Given Us Drip-Free Wine BottlesAll it took was cutting a groove beneath the lip.
  14. news you can booze
    Female-Run D.C. Distillery Releases Rye Inspired by Hillary ClintonRodham Rye is a blend of “whiskies that are stronger together than apart.”
  15. news you can booze
    Stone Brewing Creates ‘Toilet to Tap’ Sewer BeerIt swears Full Circle Pale Ale is “a very clean-tasting beer.”
  16. news you can booze
    Budweiser Is Figuring Out How to Brew Beer on MarsFor some reason.
  17. news you can booze
    A Brewery Wants to Open an Entire Hotel Dedicated to BeerObviously, there’s a beer tap in every room.
  18. news you can booze
    Lawsuit Says Walmart’s New Craft-Beer Brand Is a ‘Wholesale Fiction’Trouble Brewing is mass-produced by Genesee and meets “none of the criteria” for craft beer.
  19. news you can booze
    Restaurateur Could Go to Jail for Ruining Cops’ Underage Beer StingNebraska police say he compromised two 17-year-olds’ identities by tweeting their photos.
  20. news you can booze
    A Team of College Students Is One Step Away From Brewing Beer on the MoonThe UC San Diego group is battling 24 other teams to get aboard a Google-funded spacecraft.
  21. news you can booze
    Brooklyn Brewery Won’t Be Moving to the Navy Yard After AllBut staying put in Williamsburg means abandoning plans for its “truly massive beer garden.”
  22. news you can booze
    Cuomo Says New York Movie Theaters Should Sell Beer and WineThe same man who brought you boozy brunch before noon.
  23. news you can booze
    ‘Premium’ Boxed Vodka Is Somehow Failing to Catch On With ConsumersThe creator says half of the people he pitches it to “laugh in my face.”
  24. news you can booze
    Man Pleads Guilty to French Laundry’s $500,000 Wine HeistThe thief admits he stole some of the world’s rarest wines from one of the country’s best restaurants.
  25. news you can booze
    One Online Beer Reviewer Is Getting Absolutely Owned by a Craft BrewerThe maker of Evil Twin has spent the past five days mocking him on Facebook.
  26. news you can booze
    State Liquor Authority Say $1 Happy Hour Is Probably IllegalTurns out that New York bars are prohibited from discounting drinks by more than half.
  27. obviously bad ideas
    Brewery’s ‘Date Grape’ Beer at Least Leads to a Rape-Crisis-Center DonationYet another reason never to put new products to an online vote.
  28. news you can booze
    Fireball Whiskey Is Finally Available to Purchase in Giant Wine BoxesThe hangovers are going to be brutal.
  29. news you can booze
    Your Prosecco Habit Might Be Giving Italians AsthmaVineyards’ neighbors claim heavy pesticide use is taking a “dire toll” on heath.
  30. news you can booze
    This Beer Advent Calendar Is What We All Need for the Holiday SeasonA festive box of 24 beers? Yes please.
  31. news you can booze
    Labatt Has Been Forced to Stop Giving Retired Workers Free Beer for LifeIt was a unique job perk at the brewery for a half-century.
  32. news you can booze
    Here’s the Ginormous 100-Gallon Daiquiri Your Weekend Was MissingA Cleveland bar served the world’s all-time largest in a three-foot tiki mug.
  33. news you can booze
    As Expected, Trump’s Election Is Already Hurting Mexican BeerShare prices of Corona’s importer dropped 8 percent on Wednesday.
  34. news you can booze
    Poll Precinct Refused to Let Woman Vote in Her ‘Wine Party’ ShirtVolunteers told her that promoting a political party is against Georgia law.
  35. news you can booze
    How Corona Could Benefit From a Potential Trump LossHis defeat could make Mexican beer even greater.
  36. news you can booze
    Self-Driving Truck Makes 100-Mile Beer RunThe future arrives. And it’s got cases of Budweiser.
  37. news you can booze
    Mexico City Brewery Fools Trump Supporters Into Funding a PartyBy way of some cleverly designed T-shirts.
  38. news you can booze
    Obama Gives Americans Permission to Haul Infinite Quantities of Cuban Rum HomeThe $100 import limit has officially been removed.
  39. This Brewery Says It’s Invented Instant Craft-Beer PowderDenmark’s To Øl has nearly perfected the Folgers of microbrews.
  40. news you can booze
    Alcohol’s Health Benefits May Be ‘Grossly Oversold’ by Industry-Funded ResearchExperts claim that argument “has really fallen apart in the last couple years.”
  41. news you can booze
    China Will Save Wine From Climate Change by Blasting It Into SpaceScientists hope “space radiation” makes the grapes more resilient.
  42. news you can booze
    Starting This Weekend, Brunchgoers Can Finally Booze Before NoonGo celebrate with a mimosa at 10 a.m. on the dot.
  43. news you can booze
    A Brewery Launched a Gadget That’s Basically Amazon Dash for BeerMolson Coors sees a bright future in letting people restock impulsively on Carling.
  44. news you can booze
    ‘Thousands’ Will Lose Their Jobs Because of Anheuser-BuschThe beer behemoth’s merger will create lots of redundancies — another reason to support independent breweries.
  45. NYC’s Most Sophisticated New Drink Might Just Be This Rum-and-CokeChampagne and Fernet are involved.
  46. bombs away
    How Jägermeister Gained Respect at America’s Best BarsThe once-reviled frat-house favorite has found a place at some of the country’s best bars.
  47. news you can booze
    World’s Greatest 102-Year-Old Says Beer Is the Secret to Growing Old“Have a beer, doctor’s orders.”
  48. news you can booze
    ‘Wine Terrorists’ Flooded a French Town With 10,000 Gallons of VinoNotorious shadow group CRAV calls it an “act of sabotage” to protest cheap Spanish wine.
  49. news you can booze
    Here’s a Tour of the World’s First Commercial Rooftop Vineyard in BrooklynThe first harvest is set for 2017.
  50. news you can booze
    Blue Wine Could Plague U.S. Liquor Stores As Soon As This FallThe makers of Gik’s “world-changing” vino warn it should arrive by October.
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