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  1. TV Land
    Yes, We Have No Bluth BananasOrange County residents take to politics to get Arrested Development’s fruit stand in Newport.
  2. The Other Critics
    Gold Drops L.A.’s Top Ramen; Scattergood Seeks Out PorchettaIn Orange County, Brad A. Johnson gives DivBar a sterling review, a day before the chef takes off.
  3. The Other Critics
    Rodell Adores The Austrian Authenticity of BierBeisel; Gold Jumps Aboard BestiaBernhard Mairinger’s European sensibilities and training net his restaurant three stars from L.A. Weekly.
  4. The Other White Meat
    Matt Molina Joining Fourteen O.C. Chefs at Pig Out 1.0Each chef will prepare pork dishes to match mixologists’ best efforts.
  5. Just the Tip
    Receipt Hoax Revealed at True Food KitchenThe offensive receipt was apparently photo-shopped from one with a much better gratuity.
  6. Sin City
    An O.C. Mexican Restaurant Opening This Summer in VegasJavier’s will be translated into a Dodd Mitchell-designed Vegas eatery.
  7. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Pascal Olhats Plans Pop-Up in His Own Restaurant to Keep Tradition AliveThe chef plans a 26-seater in Newport’s Fashion Islands, to serve signatures three nights a week.
  8. Neighborhood Watch
    Eagle Rock Brewery Bottles Equinox; El Chapin To Reopen as The HighlandThe sour ale marks only the second of the brewing company’s bottled ales on the market.
  9. Booze News
    Mozza Fights for Its Liquor License in NewportNeighbors express concern that drinking could lead to noise hitting the bluffs above.