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    Daily News Gets Food Section; Tasting Table Adds RecipesBut will the ‘News’ get its restaurant critic back?
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    Sometimes the Headline Says It AllWhat do you call it when a motorcycle goes through a restaurant window?
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    Lisa ‘The Gorgon’ Fernandes Strikes Back at the BlogosphereIn an interview, Lisa Fernandes of ‘Top Chef’ doubts the spending power of blog readers.
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    Restaurant Girl Has a Face for Reviewing Ooh, boy! Danyelle Freeman, a “new breed of restaurant critic, a maverick whose face accompanies her weekly reviews,” was introduced to the city this morning in the Daily News. And not only is her face front and center, but she comes complete with glamour shots! Freeman gave Gemma 1.5 stars in her debut review, but the real gem is the News’ accompanying article explaining Restaurant Girl’s need to show the face behind the reviews. “I’ve felt like the ‘Dear Abby’ of food for years,” Freeman said, noting that she has been blogging since January 2006. Grub Street, for one, welcomes our new recognizable critics. With pics like those, how couldn’t we? New Food Critic Faces Her Public [NYDN] Gemma’s Cuisine Takes a Backseat to Hip Downtown Scene [NYDN]
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    Restaurant Girl News Makes Commenters DishYesterday’s Eater news of the installation Danyelle “Restaurant Girl” Freeman as the Daily News’ new restaurant critic unleashed a torrent of snarky hostility on the site’s message boards. Sadly, the comments were infinitely more entertaining than anything the victuals vixen is likely to write in the paper. A few choice selections are after the jump.