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New York City Council

  1. outdoor dining
    City Finally Unveils Official Plans for Permanent Outdoor DiningThe rules will go into effect March 3.
  2. streeteries
    Outdoor Dining Is Officially Here to StayNew York City lawmakers voted to approve a bill that makes sidewalk (and street) eating permanent.
  3. outdoor dining
    City Council One Step Closer to Really, Finally Making Streeteries PermanentWhen it’s warm out, anyway.
  4. street vendors
    New York’s Street Vendors Just Scored a Major VictoryThe City Council voted to increase the permit cap by 4,000 licenses.
  5. coronavirus
    The COVID Recovery Surcharge Is a FarceIt’s not enough to keep restaurants in business.
  6. bans
    New York City Council Votes to Ban Foie GrasIt won’t go into effect until 2022.
  7. school lunches
    New York City Public Schools May Ban All Processed MeatsBye-bye pepperoni, salami, and bologna.
  8. online delivery
    NYC Council Member Calls for GrubHub Antitrust InvestigationHe’s asked the New York Attorney General to do so.
  9. bag men
    State Lawmakers Have Voted to Block NYC’s Plastic-Bag FeeThe bill goes to Governor Cuomo’s desk seven days before the fee starts.
  10. Bans
    Fast-Food-Toy Ban Could Be Very EffectiveIt’s all about the free barbie.
  11. Bans
    NYC Proposes Banning Toys From Unhealthy Fast-Food Kids’ MealsLess than one percent of kids’ meal combinations met recommended government nutrition standards, according to a recent study.