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New Moon

  1. Food Politics
    Dan Barber May Make Time 100 Even If They Misprint His AgeCast your votes so he doesn’t lose to candidates like … Hugh Jackman.
  2. Closings
    West Village Loses an Outdoor Drinking SpotEl Rey del Sol has closed.
  3. The World We Live In
    Brighton Bazaar Owner KilledVlad Tolstykh was attacked on Saturday.
  4. TV Land
    L&O at BBQ’Law & Order’ visits Dallas BBQ!
  5. Mediavore
    Beer Garden Coming to Brooklyn; Ollie’s Makes a Big PaymentPlus: just because they’re celebrity chefs doesn’t mean their recipes are healthy, and Julia Roberts at Sweetiepie, all in our morning news roundup.
  6. Openings
    What to Eat at Num Pang, Opening TomorrowA look at the menu at Kampuchea’s new Cambodian sandwich shop.
  7. TV Land
    Chopping Block: When a Salmon Is Like a Social DiseaseThe “Original Gangsta” of food criticism felt like he had been told he had herpes.
  8. Recession Not Your Friend
    No Recession Pricing at Five GuysPrices have gone up, not down.
  9. Beef
    The Battle of the Scanned-Sandwich BlogsThere can be two scanned-sandwich sites. But only one can become famous.