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Never Ending Pasta Pass

  1. the chain gang
    Olive Garden Sold Americans 22,000 Pasta Passes in Less Than a SecondPresumably, half of them are headed to eBay.
  2. This Year, Olive Garden Will Auction Off Its Own Damn Endless-Pasta PassesThe chain was not pleased when users resold them at a huge markup.
  3. end times
    Olive Garden Will Sell Tens of Thousands More Unlimited-Pasta Passes This YearThat’s ten times the number it inflicted on the country last year.
  4. Oof
    Because America Demanded It, Olive Garden’s Endless Pasta Pass Is BackAnd now, for $300, an entire family can load up on never-ending alfredo.
  5. Once-in-a-Generation Deals
    There’s a Thriving Black Market for Olive Garden’s Never EndingHow much are you willing to spend in order to feel like a god?
  6. The Chain Gang
    The Instant Success of Olive Garden’s ‘All You Can Eat’ PastaThe Never Ending Pasta Passes have run out.