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  1. Awful Things
    Nestlé Addresses Brutal Slavery in Its Seafood Supply ChainThe food giant has outlined how it plans to protect workers.
  2. Planet Earth
    Drought-Stricken Californians Are Ticked That Nestlé Won’t StopProtestors recently picketed a plant with torches and pitchforks.
  3. Death Of The Salesman
    Nestlé Will ‘Hire’ Thousands of Robots to Sell Its CoffeeIt should work well, the company explains, because they understand “70 to 80 percent of spontaneous conversations.”
  4. Shrugs and Kisses
    Hershey’s 8 Percent Price Hike Ushers in Sad New Era of Candy BarsCompany cites killer costs of cocoa, nuts, and dairy.