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  1. coffee talk
    3rd-Wave Coffee Companies Are Infiltrating War-torn RegionsIn order to source the most exotic beans.
  2. Pod People
    Nespresso Finally Lets Lazy Caffeine Addicts Brew Coffee With an AppThe machine promises to uplift the Nespresso experience with “additional connectivity benefits.”
  3. Pod People
    Per Se’s Nespresso Renews Debate Over Pod Coffee at Michelin-StarredCare to close out your $600 night with some of the instant stuff?
  4. Pod People
    Nestlé Is Working on a Nespresso Machine for Soylent-Like DrinksHow about a $1,000 meal replacement to go with your $51-per-pound single serve?
  5. The Pod Wars
    Competitor Says It’ll Hack Keurig’s Coffee Pod Verification SystemThe future of single-serve coffee quality looks even bleaker.
  6. Coffee Talk
    Nespresso Agrees to Stop Hating on Competitor’s Single-Serve Coffee PodsThey’re no longer allowed to badmouth other companies, too.
  7. Coffee Talk
    Noma Won’t Serve You Nespresso Coffee, So ThereFancy a cup or a pod?
  8. Coffee Talk
    Pod People: Nespresso’s Push to Become High-End Restaurants’ Go-ToGreat Restaurants like Corton and the Fat Duck in the U.K. turn to Nespresso pods for their coffee service.
  9. The Grub Street Diet
    The Daily Meal’s Colman Andrews Loves His Nespresso Machine, Eats Illicit“Does it make the best espresso I’ve ever had? Of course not. Does it make the best espresso I’ve ever had in my own kitchen at 6 a.m., in my underwear, with about two minutes’ notice? Hell yes.”
  10. Slideshow
    Battle of the Beans: Illy Set to Square Off Against Nespresso on Prince StreetNespresso finally opens its Soho boutique, and another European coffee brand is on its way.
  11. mediavore
    Wine Outta Red Hook; Hop Obama Will Rise AgainPlus: Beer is no longer recession-proof, and recipes from your favorite fashion designers, all in our morning news roundup.