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  1. sweets
    Sweethearts Are the Only Perfect Valentine’s Day CandyGloriously generic, neatly uniform, and absolutely impersonal.
  2. valentine’s day
    I Bought Black-Market Sweethearts — I Literally Could Not Give Them AwayFor the first Valentine’s Day in over a century, Necco’s candy hearts aren’t available. It turns out nobody really cares.
  3. candy hearts
    America’s Worst Candy Has Been Saved From ExtinctionNecco — and its strange, unappealing little candy wafers — will live on, thanks to a new owner.
  4. shortages
    People Have Begun Panic-Buying Necco WafersDiehards are coming out of the woodwork to stockpile them, now that they’re in danger.
  5. sweet sorrow
    Is This the End of Candy Hearts?Necco, one of America’s oldest confectioners, will close operations unless it finds a buyer.
  6. Mediavore
    Necco Wafers’ New Flavor; More States Privatizing LiquorPlus: Moby’s new book on veganism, and the cancer risk of soda, all in our morning news roundup.
  7. Sweet News
    Necco Wafers Swap Delicious Chemicals for Beet JuiceThe candies will no longer contain any artificial flavorings or colors.