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  1. the feeding tube
    NBC Is Making a Sitcom Based on Chili’s Elite Corps of ‘Super-Trainers’It’s about a gung-ho team that “travels the country opening new branches” of a casual-dining chain.
  2. the feeding tube
    Get Ready for Top Chef JuniorCurtis Stone has signed on for the spinoff that’s set for this fall.
  3. Hired
    Sam Kass Landed a New High-Profile GigObama’s former chef has signed on with NBC.
  4. Venti Leaks
    NBC’s Not-So-Secret Sochi Starbucks Is ‘on Lockdown’As always, you can blame McDonald’s for this.
  5. The Feeding Tube
    NBC Orders Teen-Chef Sitcom PilotThe show is based on 14-year-old cooking prodigy Flynn McGarry, who will also serve as a producer.
  6. Video Feed
    See Dinner At Elizabeth in NBC ‘First Look’ SegmentElizabeth on national TV.
  7. Crime Scenes
    Charges Filed Against Hyde, Industry, and Voyeur for Liquor License ViolationsThe news channel’s expose on local nightlife might have also lead to the temporary closure of two SBE clubs.
  8. Bookshelf
    Which 63 Dishes Represent New Brooklyn Cuisine?A look inside ‘The New Brooklyn Cookbook.’
  9. The Other Sites
    NBC Launches Feast in L.A.A new food website emerges.
  10. Beef
    NBC Chef Wants People to Relax, Eat“All I wanted to do was make a meal that everyone would enjoy.”
  11. Mediavore
    Bruce Has No Beef With Connolly’s; Totonno’s Coming SoonPlus: a new Fairway on the UES, and Penthouse Club gets sued, all in our morning news roundup.
  12. Mediavore
    Springfield Strip Clubs Sued; Pizzeria Posto Hopes to Reverse the CursePlus: Boston isn’t drunk, and the state of molecular gastronomy, all in our morning news roundup.
  13. Mediavore
    Jay Leno Offered a Jaws Jumbo Burger Franchise; Cops Pistol Whip Citizen atWill the talk show host go into the fast food business if his show flops?
  14. Contests
    We Have a Winner for Two Tickets to the International Wine FestivalThe winner wants to give NBC a taste of its own medicine.
  15. TV Land
    Money! Guy Fieri Lands NBC ShowThe guy everyone loves to hate is coming to prime time.
  16. New Releases
    ‘I Still Ate It’ and Other New Delicacies From Around the InternetsI Still Ate It and other newbies on the Internet are sure to leave a mark on your productivity.
  17. TV Land
    Padma’s New Sitcom: The Pilot Revealed!We imagine the initial script for Padma Lakshmi’s upcoming sitcom.
  18. As Seen on TV
    Chopping Block Rocks! Sucks!’Times’ television critic Alessandra Stanley has seriously revised her opinion of the show.
  19. Mediavore
    Teetotalers Welcome in Recession; Inwood Hates Mister SofteePlus: the Food Network launches its own Epicurious.
  20. TV Land
    Was Chopping Block Better Than Top Chef, and Was MPW Better ThanSome thoughts on last night’s premiere.
  21. TV Land
    Chopping Block Shuns New York Chefs While Chopped Courts ThemFor shame, Marco Pierre White!
  22. NewsFeed
    Whom Do You Want to See on ‘Celebrity Come Dine With Me’?A new NBC series will feature celebs as dinner hosts.
  23. The New York Diet
    Marco Pierre White Has an Impromptu Wrap Party at Katz’sWe asked the great British chef what he ate as filming of his reality show, ‘Chopping Block,’ came to a close.