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Natural Foods

  1. Food Politics
    Feds May Define What a ‘Natural’ Food IsProbably bad news for Big Food.
  2. Menu Changes
    WeHo Tender Greens’ Housemade Energy BarsTender Greens in West Hollywood introduces GoBars, their own natural energy bars.
  3. At the Market
    Fancy Food Show Brings Colonial Fruit Drinks and Our Old Friend Kulfi We took a break from our regularly scheduled Greenmarket food fest to hike through acres of fancy foods from the world over at last week’s Fancy Food Show. Over 2,000 displays filled the Javits Center with everything from antifreeze-green Chilean avocado oil to Brooklyn-made gummy bears that were actually the size of honey bears. To avoid going into fancy-food shock, we honed in on the (often overlapping) new and organic/natural categories. Here’s highlights, all currently available in the city.