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Native Foods

  1. Openings
    Native Foods Expands to Santa Monica Sans Founding ChefKendall Huff has replaced Tanya Petrovna as the chain’s corporate chef, with rumors flying.
  2. Leftovers
    Lou Leaving Lou For Lou Two; Coen Brothers Cocktails at Show at BarreOwner Lou Amdur will hand over the keys to his Hollywood wine bar next Wednesday.
  3. Empire Building
    Native Foods Landing on Santa Monica’s Ocean ParkThe vegan, omni-organic restaurant will take over the street’s Pizza Fusion space.
  4. Gone Green
    Wait, Dads Can Be Vegans Too?Quarry Girl has two specials for the meat-free father in your life, who we promise not to make fun.
  5. Neighborhood Watch
    Native Foods Opens in Culver City Today; David Wondrich Debuts Punch atM Cafe de Chaya finally gets its replacement and the star bartender details the history of punch.
  6. Nieghborhood Watch
    Michael Cardenas Plans Toranoko in Little Tokyo; Gjelina Opening Take-Out PizzaMeanwhile, Native Foods will replace Culver City’s M cafe de Chaya.
  7. Neighborhood Watch
    Nate ‘n Al Expands To Thousand Oaks; Piccolo Expands with New Dining RoomA deli classic adds a location to The Valley and Venice’s best Italian expands internally.