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  1. working conditions
    Can Restaurants Be Fixed From the Inside?The industry is grappling with ideas to save its workforce.
  2. fusion
    How Chefs Are Making the Flavors of India Shine in the American South“This deep sense of hospitality really rings true in both cultures.”
  3. Beer
    The End of Craft Beer“Craft beer is just about to completely explode and become unrecognizable to itself.”
  4. Lawsuits
    Brooklyn Artist Says Starbucks Copied Her Work for a Frappuccino AdMuralist Maya Hayuk filed a lawsuit against the coffee chain for $750,000.
  5. Slideshow
    103 Beautiful Dishes: The Most Visually Exciting Food in America Right NowGrub Street called up the country’s best chefs with one simple directive: Show us the most beautiful thing that’s on your menu right now.
  6. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Figures Out That People Sort of Hate Going to McDonald’sThe megachain’s profits take a dive while Chipotle just keeps on killing it.
  7. Interviews
    Tom Colicchio’s Next TV Show Will Be ‘Completely Different’“I’m laboring over this, because I want to get it right.”
  8. Trouble in Roosterland
    City Council Declares Sriracha Factory Smell a Public NuisanceHuy Fong Foods will have 90 days to remedy the situation before the city takes action.
  9. The Grub Street Diet
    Kenny Mellman Treats Himself to Double-Dipped Roast-Beef Sandwiches“I am a sucker for strange packaged food products, and Jif just began manufacturing peanut-butter whip, which is like whipped cream cheese but peanut butter.”
  10. Raw Deals
    Trader Joe’s Nixes Benefits for Part-time EmployeesThe company’s CEO says employees should be fine under Obamacare — provided they have another job.
  11. Other Blogs
    Eater Bites Hand That FeedsEater is offering $25 for other blogs to shut down.
  12. Chains
    Burger King and the Dream of the One-Dollar Double CheeseburgerFranchisees reject BK Corporate’s plan to undercut McDonald’s.
  13. National
    Awaken to PeepsThe marshmallow creatures get a brick-and-mortar store.