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  1. top story
    Restaurant Workers Are Paying to Keep Their Own Wages LowThe National Restaurant Association lobbies Congress to keep the minimum wage low. Revenues from food-safety courses help pay for that.
  2. coronavirus
    Nearly One in Six Restaurants May Have Closed, Survey FindsAnd 2.5 million jobs have been lost, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  3. coronavirus
    The Restaurant Industry Could Lose 5 to 7 Million JobsA new proposal from the National Restaurant Association offers a dire look at what workers face.
  4. seriously people?
    National Restaurant Association Keeps Getting Confused for the NRAOne group is pro AR-15, the other operates the Pizza Industry Council.
  5. lawsuits
    NYC’s Salt Warning Label Gets a Green Light from Appeals CourtThe National Restaurant Association continues to call it an “onerous burden” on restaurateurs.
  6. tip sharing
    Restaurant Lobby Asks Supreme Court to Hear Case About Tip SharingThe NRA argues federal laws preventing kitchen staff from sharing in tips “trample on the rights of restaurant workers.”
  7. The Nanny State
    NYC Can Start Fining Restaurants for Salt-Label ViolationsA court gave the go-ahead while the legal battle rages on.
  8. Lawsuits
    Judge Denies Lawsuit to Block NYC’s Salt WarningsIt applies to dishes with at least 2,300 milligrams of sodium.
  9. Food Fights
    A New Report Could Put an End to Menu Salt WarningsA group of influential researchers argues it’s unclear if eating less salt is healthier.
  10. Lawsuits
    Nat’l Restaurant Group Sues Over Salt LabelsIt’s arguing the Board of Health overstepped, just like it did with the soda ban.
  11. Food Fight
    The National Restaurant Association Plans to Sue the DOH Over Salt LabelingThe group says the new rule goes too far beyond traditional government oversight.
  12. Fizz
    National Restaurant Association Calls Upcoming Soda Ban ‘Confusion in aThat’s the whole point.
  13. Industry
    Maybe Obamacare Isn’t So Bad for Restaurants After AllTax credits for health insurance give restaurateurs the ability to assemble healthy and loyal employees poised to help grow the business.
  14. Candy
    Chicagoist Visits Sweets & Snacks Expo and Lives To Tell About ItChicagoist visits candy show.
  15. Mediavore
    Quinn Ready to Settle Bet at Food Pantry; NRA’s New Date May Cause ConflictsPlus: Culinary school still costs a lot, and take a look inside the Wienermobile.
  16. Foodievents
    Chill and Grill, Wine Riot, and the Other NRA: This Weekend’s FoodieventsThe hungry have plenty of options this weekend.
  17. Foodievents
    National Restaurant Association Coming Back for Five More YearsThe National Restaurant Association will be coming back to Chicago for at least five more years.
  18. Food Conventions
    Will the National Restaurant Association Leave Chicago?The conference has been one of Chicago’s longest running conferences.
  19. Financial Woes
    Restaurant Sales Will Improve in 2010, But Not by MuchJust how much will the restaurant industry rake in this year?
  20. National Interest
    Restaurant Association Approves Health Care Bill, KindaThe restaurateur advocacy group is happy with the part-time employee exemption in the Senate bill.
  21. Political Eats
    Restaurateurs Are Less Elephant-HeadedThe industry has become less staunchly Republican when lobbying.
  22. Health Concerns
    Restaurant Owners Are Quietly Freaking Out Over Health-Care ReformRestaurateurs are about to get thwacked on the federal and local levels.
  23. Mediavore
    The Counter Flops in Utah; Hunger Rises GloballyThe Counter’s Utah store is closing after just a year, and worldwide hunger has grown.
  24. Foodienomics
    Restaurants Improve in JulyAn industry trade group is cautiously optimistic.
  25. Mediavore
    Salmonella Costs Industry $100 Mil; Cipriani on the Way Out on Fifth AvenueFrench-Japanese fusion on the way to Charlton Street, kosher workers need protection, and more, in our daily news roundup.
  26. NewsFeed
    2007 Restaurant Trends Even More Boring Than Last YearWe just had a look at the National Restaurant Association’s top-ten food trends for 2007, and our immediate response? Thank God it’s almost 2008. The list, drawn from a broad national chef survey, is as follows: 1. Bite-size desserts 2. Locally grown produce 3. Organic produce 4. Small plates/tapas/mezze 5. Specialty sandwiches 6. Craft/artisan/microbrew beer 7. Sustainable seafood 8. Grass-fed items 9. Energy drink cocktails 10. Salts (e.g. sea, smoked, colored, kosher) Are you still awake? Has a business that spawned Asian fusion, celebrity chefs, big-box restaurants, cooks covered in meringue body-stockings, nude sushi, boutique meat, and secret supper clubs really come to this? A list where salt is the most interesting thing?