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  1. Food Safety
    Peanut Exec Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison for Salmonella OutbreakStewart Parnell has received what is believed to be the harshest sentence ever given for a case related to food-borne illness.
  2. News You Can Booze
    The Tristate Area Is Apparently Not a Great Place to Buy WineOr so says the American Wine Consumer Coalition.
  3. Lists
    Bon Appétit Unveils Its 10 Best New RestaurantsAska, Fat Rice, and Saison made the cut.
  4. The Chain Gang
    Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Is a Huge HitIt’s on track to become the company’s best-selling new product in a decade.
  5. Lists
    Bon Appétit Announces Best New Restaurant NomineesAlder, Grace, and Rich Table made the cut.
  6. The Other Critics
    Alan Richman Is Now Writing Weekly Restaurant Reviews for GQHis first one is on Franny’s.
  7. Etiquette
    Taylor Swift Leaves Huge Tip at Philly Restaurant62.5 percent, to be precise.
  8. Closings
    Chipotle’s Crushing the Competition67 Qdoba restaurants are closing.
  9. Health
    Skipping Breakfast Is Even Worse for You Than You ThoughtIt can raise the risk of heart disease.
  10. Lists
    GQ Rounds Up 50 Stand-Out Foods and DrinksIt includes Federal Donuts, Ox’s clam chowder, and Café Gratitude’s hummus.
  11. Bookshelf
    Here’s the Full, Fantastic Contributor List for The Way We AteIncluding Andrew Carmellini, Ruth Reichl, and Shuna Lydon.
  12. Soy Annoying
    Chipotle Introducing Tofu BurritosThe new “Sofritas” filling is available on the West Cost.
  13. Hallelujah
    Tomorrow, You Can Request an Ice-Cream Truck Via UberCan this be a regular thing?
  14. Trippy
    Mushrooms Make Kim Jong-un Very HappyBut are they magical?
  15. Sued
    Starbucks Employees Accused of Mocking Deaf CustomersA lawyer is representing a dozen plaintiffs.
  16. Opening Again
    Expansion News: Dylan’s Candy Bar and Coffee Bean & Tea LeafBut not together!
  17. Flavortown
    Guy Fieri Promoting the New Adam Sandler Movie With ‘Grown UpsOf course.
  18. Swag
    Beyoncé Purchased 150 Po’boys at ParkwayIt pays to be in Queen Bey’s entourage.
  19. Soda Wars
    Nobody Wants to Buy SodaStreamPepsi and Coke aren’t interested.
  20. Government
    This Farmer Owes the Government 1.2 Million Pounds of Raisins“The rape of the raisin growers.”
  21. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Now Sells ‘Quarter Pounder Jewelry’ Burgers inThey cost nearly $10.
  22. The Chain Gang
    Lo and Behold: The McWrap Is Actually SignificantThe suggestion of farm-to-table freshness is more important than sales.
  23. Paula Deen
    Bourdain on Frank Bruni’s Paula Deen Flip-Flop: a ‘Deft 180’She’s losing supporters left and right.
  24. Paula Deen
    Here’s Your Monday-Morning Paula Deen News UpdateIt’s been a busy couple of days for the Southern celebrity chef.
  25. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Introducing ‘After Midnight’ Menu With BreakfastYou can now get an Egg McMuffin at 2 a.m.
  26. The Chain Gang
    Wouldn’t It Make More Sense for McDonald’s to Stop Pretending ItWhy does the fast-food giant keep touting quality over value when it’s clear customers would rather have cheap burgers than mediocre salads?
  27. Announcements
    A Grub Street AnnouncementThings are going to look a little different around here tomorrow.