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  1. enough is enough
    10 Restaurant Trends We Never Want to See AgainTedious “innovations” our restaurant critic hopes to not encounter in 2020.
  2. politics
    How Restaurants Help, and Empower, Their Employees to Vote“If I want people to vote, I have to enable them to vote.”
  3. pork
    Is America’s Greatest Ham Tradition Doomed?Bad news out of the “ham capital of the world” is evidence of an industry that might be in trouble.
  4. The Chain Gang
    Here Are the Changes Chipotle Will Make to Its FoodThe chain still isn’t quite sure what’s making its customers sick.
  5. Health Scares
    Oh, Brother: Even More States Affected by a New Chipotle-Related E. Coli“… We expected that we may see additional cases stemming from this …”
  6. Out To Lunch
    A Noma Chef Will Try to Fix America’s School-Lunch ProblemsDaniel Giusti calls his plan a “huge undertaking and a risky undertaking.”
  7. FYI
    S.F. Butcher Who Invented Bacon Hot Dogs Not Offended by Oscar Mayer Rip-off“I guess I’m flattered,” he says.
  8. Culinary Tourism
    Seven Small Towns That Are Inundated With Michelin StarsPlaces like Colmar and Knokke-Heist may not be on your culinary radar, but they probably should be.
  9. Trends
    Soda Consumption Lowest It’s Been in Two Decades; Companies Respond byPer capita soda consumption in the U.S. is now down to 1987 levels.
  10. Tragedies
    Hundreds of Libyans Sickened, 51 Dead From Black-Market BoozeAnother 300 people suffered injuries such as blindness as a result of consuming homemade liquor containing methanol.
  11. National Interest
    Ramen Shop Is About to Get Even BusierThey just landed in the NYT Style magazine.
  12. Bars
    S.F.’s Gay Sports Bar Hi Tops Lands in Sports Illustrated’sThe magazine sent a writer and photographer to cover the scene at the bar during the NFC Championship.
  13. Foodienomics
    Restaurants Fight Back Over Credit-Card FeesThey either want the fees lowered, or they may start passing them along as line items on your bill.
  14. Studies
    Study: Half the World’s Food Gets Thrown AwayIt’s partly because we insist on our produce looking pretty.
  15. Health Concerns
    There’s a New Electronic Fork That Will Supposedly Help You Not Get FatIt vibrates to tell you you’re eating too fast, or too much.
  16. Sushi Extra
    Massive Bluefin Tuna Sells for $1.76 Million at Tokyo AuctionThat’s enough nigiri to feed a small town.
  17. The Chain Gang
    Income Disparity Between Fast-Food Workers and Executives Keeps GrowingEmployees aren’t making more money, even as fast-food chains post record profits.
  18. Sushi Extra
    Japan’s Massive Tsukiji Fish Market to Close Next Year, Relocate in 2014It’s the largest wholesale fish market in the world and, some say, the heart and soul of Tokyo.
  19. Farewell Cream Filling
    Hostess Definitely Probably Still DeadMediation failed once again, and they’re back in bankruptcy court dealing with liquidation.
  20. Farewell Cream Filling
    False Alarm?: Hostess and Union Back at the Bargaining TableThere’s still a small chance that the company will be saved, at the urging of a federal judge.
  21. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s Struggling — Here’sIs this just a blip, or is America finally learning to eat a little better?
  22. Food Politics
    Pollan on 37: ‘It Will Continue and Get Very Expensive’Monsanto et al better watch out.
  23. Armchair Critics
    Yelp Shames a Handful of Businesses That Tried to Game the SystemThe company has launched a new crackdown on Craigslist solicitations of Yelp Elite members.
  24. Food Politics
    Bittman Wonders: Is There a Middle Ground Between Organic and ConventionalMark Bittman travels to California’s Central Valley to survey the state of the modern farm.
  25. Studies
    A Night Out: Gay People Drink More and Eat Better Than StraightsUnsurprisingly, vodka remains a big hit, too.
  26. Delivery Brigade
    Get Little Star, Ike’s Delivered by New Web Service CaviarCaviar curates sought-after restaurants that don’t usually deliver, and charges a $10 delivery fee.
  27. Diplomacy
    Mourad Lahlou Named State Chef in Ceremony Led By Hillary ClintonIt’s called the Culinary Diplomatic Partnership and it formalizes the role that’s already been played by the James Beard Foundation in suggesting chefs to cook for state events.
  28. Snoozeflash
    Yep, Yelp Reviews MatterA new study says good Yelp reviews help a restaurant’s nightly bookings, but this contradicts an earlier study that suggests only a small percentage of people pay attention to online reviews.
  29. Health Concerns
    Investigative Group Finds Multiple Incidents of Imposter Fish at RestaurantsA nonprofit group called Oceana has just taken samples from 30 Bay Area restaurants in order to show whether they’re serving what they say they’re serving.
  30. Let’s Make a Deal
    Groupon Investors Lose Faith, Bail QuicklyIts stock price is now about a quarter of its IPO value.
  31. Haters
    Maybe Yelp Isn’t So Powerful After All?According to a new study, only a small percentage of people are really influenced by online reviews in dining decisions.
  32. Let Them Eat Foie
    Now That Foie Gras Is Illegal, Here’s What California Chefs Are StillChefs like Hubert Keller and Thomas Keller are finding equally expensive ingredients to tout on menus.
  33. The Chain Gang
    Chick-fil-A’s ‘Cow Appreciation Day’ Promo Spurs HecklingThat little PR problem of theirs won’t go away.
  34. FYI
    World’s Largest Oyster Possibly Found Near HumboldtIt’s not really for eating.
  35. Food Safety
    ‘Mad’ Cow Was Ten Years Old, From Tulare CountyFirst off, the cow didn’t get sick from contaminated feed.
  36. The Chain Gang
    Burger King Will Go Humane … In Half a DecadeEric Schlosser and Michael Pollan should be pretty proud of themselves.
  37. Food Safety
    File Under Yikes: Mad Cow Disease Found in California Dairy CowYou can’t get it from milk, don’t worry, says the USDA.
  38. Trends
    America Finally Getting Bored With Chicken Breast, Loading Up on Dark MeatPoultry producers are facing shortages of thighs owing to unexpectedly high demand.
  39. FYI
    Your Olive Oil Was Probably Cut With Corn OilOr, maybe, palm oil.
  40. Back of the House
    The Food Network Tried to Make Tanya Holland ‘Sassy’; She Refused“I was in the soul kitchen, so they wanted me to act sassy. I’m from suburbia, I’m educated…”
  41. Money Money Money
    Everybody’s Buying Yelp Stock TodayThe company’s IPO is going swimmingly, but will they ever actually turn a profit?
  42. The Chain Gang
    Sizzler Stakes Its Comeback Prayers on the Bay AreaThey have new locations planned in Milpitas, Pleasanton, Livermore, and elsewhere.
  43. Other Cities
    Patterson, and Oakland, Get Some Random Love From the Boston GlobeOakland gets even more national love.
  44. Historical Cookery
    Final Lunch Menu From the Titanic to Fetch $150,000 or More at AuctionThe menu was saved by the wife of a prominent San Francisco banker.
  45. Gastronomics
    Yelp About to Go PublicThe citizen-review site just revealed what they think they’re worth: $840 million.
  46. FYI
    Republicans Name New Key Voting Demographic: Waitress MomsTimber the Waitress might just be the new Joe the Plumber.
  47. FYI
    As Its Share Price Tumbles, OpenTable Loses Top ExecutiveJeff Jordan, the former CEO who took the company public, is resigning from his role as executive chairman.
  48. Foodienomics
    OpenTable Stock Plunges As Google Reservation-Booking Speculation RisesTheir share price is now less than the average dinner bill.
  49. Trends
    The Rich Still Dining Out; the 99 Percent, Not So MuchFine dining booms while the rest of the restaurant industry suffers.
  50. FYI
    Salmonella Villain Jack DeCoster Sells Egg Farms, Leaves Egg IndustryThe DeCosters have reached about 40 financial settlements with victims of last year’s Salmonella outbreak, which numbered about 1,900 victims in total.
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