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  1. The Future
    NASA Thinks Potatoes Can Legitimately Grow on MarsResearchers are planting 65 “resilient” spuds in Earth’s harshest desert conditions.
  2. The Future
    NASA Is Spending $200,000 to See If Poop Can Be Turned Into FoodWho’ll draw the short straw on taste-testing this?
  3. The Future
    An Astronaut Finally Ate Space Lettuce and He’s Totally FineEasily the most groundbreaking greens-related news of this generation.
  4. The Future
    NASA Is Running Farm-to-Table Lettuce Experiments in SpaceThey want to make space lettuce “a palatable, nutritious, and safe source of fresh food.”
  5. Moon Pesto Was Faked
    NASA Will Grow Basil and Turnips on the MoonFirst comes moon pesto, then come the people.
  6. Future of Food
    NASA Funding 3-D Printed Pizza Made From BugsWe’ve come a long way since astronaut ice cream.
  7. Oreos
    Mars Lands on OreosThe Curiosity Rover inspires a crimson cookie.
  8. Menu Planning
    Mars Mission’s Menus Will Be MeatlessMars needs meat.
  9. The James Weird Awards
    The James Weird Awards: Ketchup-Covered Bananas, an Armless Hot Dog Man, andPlus: Toxic bathrooms, a hungry burglar, and more in our weekly roundup of weird food news.
  10. Mediavore
    Ruth Reichl Speaks Out on Farm Labor; Who Is Protecting Our Food Supply?The author pinpoints the next big topic in food politics.
  11. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Too Many Space Metaphors, Not Enough MusselsThe chefs hang out with Buzz Aldrin as the finalists are chosen.